Benjamin Harris

Benjamin "Benzo" Harris is a contributing writer to Healthcare IT News and former new media producer for HIMSS Media. Follow him on Twitter: @BenzoHarris.

By Benjamin Harris 11:24 am September 03, 2019
For much of the history of modern medicine, the model has been that patients go to the hospital or physician to receive treatment. This works well when all of the tools needed to solve a health problem are concentrated in one location.
AI’s future in healthcare is not entirely rosy
By Benjamin Harris 11:58 am August 23, 2019
Numerous challenges will hinder AI growth in healthcare unless the industry improves, a new scientific report finds.
Cheap black market PHI drives ransomware, espionage
By Benjamin Harris 11:54 am August 22, 2019
For a few hundred dollars, any hacker can buy their way into a healthcare network.
Software: The fix for overburdened hardware
By Benjamin Harris 12:06 pm August 20, 2019
Underlying weaknesses in common OS’s are slowing hospitals down. Software can help fix them.
Most hospitals are behind on finding, responding to threats
By Benjamin Harris 12:17 pm August 15, 2019
A new industry survey finds that a lack of network visibility is impairing already overworked cybersecurity teams.
Chartis Group suggests steps for maximizing value of analytics programs
By Benjamin Harris 03:13 pm July 31, 2019
A new white paper identifies the challenges health systems need to overcome for a successful analytics program.
By Benjamin Harris 09:00 am July 31, 2019
It’s the operating system that runs the elevator, the HVAC system, medical equipment, and even the router that connects everything else in a hospital to the outside world.
By Benjamin Harris 11:49 am July 26, 2019
Finding the best care for a patient can be a constantly moving target. The number of stakeholders, the constant advance of new information and treatment options and the nuanced demands of different payers make for a maze of complexities to navigate.
By Benjamin Harris 10:50 am July 25, 2019
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT says it's seeking public input and recommendations before it takes a "snapshot" of its Interoperability Standards Advisory toward the end of the year.
Hospitals are paying for not vetting their vendors
By Benjamin Harris 12:36 pm July 11, 2019
More than half of hospitals say they've had one or more data breaches caused by third-party vendors in the past two years, with an average cost of $2.9 million per incident – but too many are still failing to do adequate risk assessments.

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