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Benjamin "Benzo" Harris was formerly New Media Producer for Healthcare IT News. He managed social media for Healthcare IT News, Government Health IT, EHRWatch, and HIEWatch. Follow Benzo @BHarris_HITN.

Cloud computing concept
By Benjamin Harris 06:32 am May 30, 2014
It seems that everybody under the sun has been asking "you're in the cloud, right?" But it's important to take a step back and realize that not all clouds are equal. Maybe it's time for people to be asking, "Are you doing the cloud right?"
Stethoscope on computer chip
By Benjamin Harris 09:54 am May 09, 2014
The long and short of it is this: Old code deteriorates over time. It begs to be transported to new platforms. With that, though, comes challenges.
By Benjamin Harris 03:23 pm March 27, 2014
The prospect of another delay for the U.S. implementation of the international code set has many fuming and hoping the SGR bill gets revised.
By Benjamin Harris 03:16 pm March 27, 2014
The House vote to delay ICD-10 caught some off guard, angered some, and provoked scorn from plenty. Twitter was buzzing with sarcastic jokes and pleas to senators to keep fighting against any further delays.
By Benjamin Harris 03:32 pm March 20, 2014
How time flies when you're tweeting! Twitter recently granted us the ability to go back in time and see users' first tweets. Here are some of our favorite first tweets from notable names in health IT.
By Benjamin Harris 09:08 am February 03, 2014
Does your phone hold the key to better health worldwide? Around the world, cell phone connectivity has skyrocketed, leapfrogging traditional phone networks in many developing nations. Along what that shift, so too have new methods of delivering healthcare popped up.
By Benjamin Harris 11:54 am May 14, 2013
HIMSS Media launched a global online community Monday dedicated to chronicling new and innovative models of care that improve individual and community well-being, while also reducing healthcare costs.
meaningful use
By Benjamin Harris 10:42 am April 23, 2013
Navigating the waters around meaningful use can be tricky, but there are plenty of tools and techniques at hand to help make the transition a smooth and positive one.
By Benjamin Harris 02:14 pm April 10, 2013
Health IT has been used to great effect in tackling many problems. However, there are large sections of the population that go unserved or underserved, such as minorities.
By Benjamin Harris 09:54 am April 05, 2013
Lapses in security and myriad confusing protocols don't help much when it comes to fostering patients' trust in health IT. Data breaches and unfamiliar technology, in fact, can scare people away. But they don't have to.

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