Baskar Mohan

Baskar Mohan is director of healthcare practice at Virtusa.

By Baskar Mohan 10:51 am September 15, 2014
Many of you know the story about e-Patient Dave, who started the movement called "Give me my damn data." But the real question is, how many organizations are actually doing it?
By Baskar Mohan 09:28 am September 19, 2013
National Health IT Week is being celebrated all week. As we start to look into the future, it’s clear that healthcare IT will play a major role in the U.S. economy.
By Baskar Mohan 08:36 am September 12, 2013
Given that there is one more year to go, the majority of the healthcare organizations should be prepared and ready to accept ICD-10 codes.
By Baskar Mohan 03:15 pm January 21, 2013
Mobile healthcare applications have started to gain momentum, particularly over the past year, and could see explosive growth in the coming years. The following five healthcare areas could benefit tremendously from these applications, thereby taking the mobile market to the next level and improving the overall quality and delivery of care.
By Baskar Mohan 09:03 am March 01, 2012
Despite the coming HHS delay of ICD-10 compliance, healthcare and technology vendor Virtusa argues that health entities would still benefit by adopting the imminent code sets sooner rather than later.

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