Anthony Brino

Anthony Brino is the Editor of Healthcare Payer News, covering a range of health policy and insurance issues, and also the Editor of HIEWatch. Follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBrino.

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By Anthony Brino 11:15 am June 23, 2014
With an eye on accountability and technology, the department revealed one hire and a pair of brand new high-visibility positions.
By Anthony Brino 08:12 am June 23, 2014
New payment and clinical integration models are coaxing health systems to take on the challenge of EHR connections sooner rather than later. It can be done.
By Anthony Brino 08:08 am June 23, 2014
Any day now, the Supreme Court will issue its decision on the "contraception mandate" and could add more complexity to employer-based health insurance. Another dispute may spell even more trouble for health reform.
By Anthony Brino 10:23 am June 16, 2014
Health insurers want to guide individuals through health and healthcare, from birth to death,. To improve on the traditional insurance experience--which is not always good one-- they're going to have to innovate at many levels.
By Anthony Brino 11:25 am June 10, 2014
Widespread use of advanced comparative effectiveness and large-scale monitoring may still be a bit far off. But they are on the horizon, and headway is being made.
By Anthony Brino 08:01 am June 10, 2014
From hospital infections to payment reform, government agencies and publicly-funded health organizations are being challenged to tear down silos and innovate.
By Anthony Brino 09:14 am June 09, 2014
The death of the independent practice has been greatly exaggerated, some say. An ounce of technology might yield a pound of prevention and payment reform while supporting small practices.
By Anthony Brino 08:57 am June 02, 2014
Transparency in healthcare is arguably both more important and easier than ever, in the age of health reform and the Internet. There's evidence, too, that it can help solve problems like hospital infections.
By Anthony Brino 08:00 am June 02, 2014
Now is a great time for health systems to look at their own access statistics, considering the evidence on wait times and patient quality ratings.
By Anthony Brino 03:58 pm May 29, 2014
Despite many physicians and hospitals now meaningfully using electronic health records, there's still a huge gap when it comes to these providers exchanging patient data.

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