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Anthony Brino is the Editor of Healthcare Payer News, covering a range of health policy and insurance issues, and also the Editor of HIEWatch. Follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBrino.

Jessie Gruman
By Anthony Brino 11:19 am July 21, 2014
Patient advocate and researcher Jessie Gruman died July 14 at the age of 60, after living with cancer for the better part of her life and turning her struggle into frameworks for progress. In 1992, Gruman helped launch and lead the Center for Advancing Health to help improve the healthcare system after two decades navigating modern medicine...
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By Anthony Brino 08:12 am July 21, 2014
Challenging healthcare advocates to seek practical innovations from patient empowerment campaigns and digital health technologies, Jessie Gruman left a clarion call for progress in American medicine.
By Anthony Brino 08:12 am July 16, 2014
CMS is investing heavily in state-led redesigns of Medicaid delivery and payment policies, indeed banking on them. But there are still large needs that need to be filled for meaningful, sustained transformation.
By Anthony Brino 09:01 am July 14, 2014
Beyond health conscious young and middle-age adults with lots of disposable income, there are huge opportunities to develop usable and useful mobile health technology for seniors and their caregivers.
By Anthony Brino 12:01 pm June 30, 2014
Companies like Hobby Lobby will not have to choose between offering employees coverage of contraception and paying a fine.
By Anthony Brino 08:19 am June 30, 2014
A growing cadre of health insurance companies are ramping up programs that target at-risk members with online weight loss and health coaching offerings.
By Anthony Brino 08:14 am June 30, 2014
Stay safe this summer. But if you do end up in an emergency room, try your own measures for patient-centered care. As the experiences of some notable healthcare professionals suggest, it's a work in progress.
By Anthony Brino 09:48 am June 27, 2014
The rule would make it easier for consumers to keep their plans, but that might not always be in their best interest.
Anne Arundel Medical Center
By Anthony Brino 08:29 am June 27, 2014
Anne Arundel Medical Center has been expanding in recent years, and as part of the challenge of optimizing 49 ambulatory practices as part of its network, the health system has had to integrate IT systems -- including the Epic EHRs used at hospitals and the cloud-based athenahealth technology at many of the practices.
By Anthony Brino 11:35 am June 26, 2014
Despite many physicians and hospitals now meaningfully using electronic health records, there's still a huge gap when it comes to these providers exchanging patient data.

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