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Anthony Brino is the Editor of Healthcare Payer News, covering a range of health policy and insurance issues, and also the Editor of HIEWatch. Follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBrino.

Apple Watch
By Anthony Brino 04:46 pm September 09, 2014
Apple is out with its latest, much-anticipated products, and taking a step into healthcare with a new iPhone-enabled watch. Will this be a big step forward for digital health, or just a grab of the high-end quantified-self market?
By Anthony Brino 03:56 pm September 09, 2014
Will the Apple Watch be big step forward for digital health, or just a grab of the high-end quantified-self market?
By Anthony Brino 10:26 am September 08, 2014
The fear of breaches, subsequent fines and reputation loss are among the reasons why some healthcare technology leaders have been hesitant to embrace cloud-based technology writ large. They need not fear, but should be informed.
By Anthony Brino 07:51 am September 08, 2014
Know the risks and benefits of the cloud and the risks and benefits of other options. Don't be afraid to wait, although with fairly strong HIPAA protections, some may ask: why wait?
By Anthony Brino 09:31 am September 04, 2014
Hospitals willing to settle disputed claims for a percentage of the total are being given the opportunity by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
By Anthony Brino 10:51 am August 29, 2014
For certain patients, behavioral health services are becoming essential health benefits that some insurance carriers will cover.
By Anthony Brino 09:55 am August 29, 2014
Two large health insurers are hoping a new "public utility" patient data sharing service will improve one of the most pernicious problems in American healthcare.
By Anthony Brino 05:08 am August 28, 2014
A much-vaunted mobile health venture is getting closer to patients and providers, in an early sign of success for the FDA's regulatory approach.
By Anthony Brino 03:22 pm August 27, 2014
The Protecting Access to Medicare law enacted earlier this year is rather ignominiously known for delaying the inevitable ICD-10 conversion, but it could also speed up a part of the health system that's just as sorely needed.
By Anthony Brino 02:26 pm August 27, 2014
In a region dominated by one insurer and teeming with health systems, accountable care models are gaining provider acceptance but still accumulating evidence.

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