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Anthony Brino is the Editor of Healthcare Payer News, covering a range of health policy and insurance issues, and also the Editor of HIEWatch. Follow Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBrino.

By Anthony Brino 07:46 am August 04, 2015
The nation's largest hospital chain is realigning its "complex portfolio" to focus on building regional health networks in high opportunity markets.
Dollar sign and computer code
By Anthony Brino 07:52 am April 02, 2015
It begins with a simple business case and expands by embracing opportunities to add value.
NYU Langone
By Anthony Brino 07:54 am March 31, 2015
NYU Langone is running its own HIE across hospitals and clinics and, in so doing, taking on work that larger RHIOs lack the agility to perform.
Doctors in discussion
By Anthony Brino 08:14 am March 24, 2015
In a major metropolitan experiment, a regional health information exchange is aggressively pursuing the goal of connecting 100 percent of providers and 90 percent of hospitals by 2016.
By Anthony Brino 08:09 am February 23, 2015
With the influx of 20 million new patients, providers are under a lot of pressure. One academic health system has a plan for new approaches than the hospital or ER.
Overwhelmed with work
By Anthony Brino 07:59 am February 13, 2015
The threat from hackers affects all business, but healthcare providers face the additional threat of fines for failure to comply with HIPAA regulations. These fines are no mere speeding ticket.
Stethoscope on keyboard
By Anthony Brino 10:48 am February 10, 2015
With an updated care management suite and a so-called "open platform," NextGen takes aim at software flexibility and usability.
magnifying glass on keyboard
By Anthony Brino 10:41 am January 29, 2015
Emerging analytics tools are tapping into the data providers already have to predict future health events.
By Anthony Brino 08:04 am December 22, 2014
Amid all of the policy and partisan issues on the minds of a lame duck Congress were requests for more information about data sharing and blocking, as well as some strings for the great military EHR modernization.
By Anthony Brino 08:46 am December 19, 2014
After an FBI raid, DOJ involvement, a decade-old payer is now facing some $25 million in federal charges and ready to cease operations. Here's the story of how it happened.

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