Anna Engberg

By Anna Engberg 06:56 am June 19, 2019
An interview with Dr Reinhold Sojer, head of the digitalisation/eHealth department at the Swiss Medical Association.
By Anna Engberg 06:33 am June 19, 2019
Around the world, more than 600 million people are estimated to be affected by COPD, with four million in Germany and 16 million in the US.
By Anna Engberg 05:53 am June 03, 2019
Fitness, sport and a healthy lifestyle are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. Health insurers that follow this current development are therefore increasingly relying on prevention services in combination with digital services. 
By Anna Engberg 04:54 am June 03, 2019
At the Swiss eHealth Summit this September, Adrian Schmid from eHealth Suisse will be at the Thun Hospital to answer questions about the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD), the Swiss version of EPRs, in hospital operations. In an interview, he reveals how participants can prepare for the workshop "Next Stop: EPD - The Last Challenges...
By Anna Engberg 04:43 am May 31, 2019
Following the successful pilot phase of a telemedical emergency doctor system deployed in Aachen at the Western border of Germany, the telemedical support of rescue forces is now to be extended to the entire federal state.
By Anna Engberg 06:29 am May 29, 2019
Only 22% of the participants at the last HIMSS Swiss eHealth Summit were women. That has to change, says Sunjoy Mathieu, founder of Women in Digital Health.
By Anna Engberg 10:52 am May 28, 2019
The Capital Congress of Medicine & Health presents the Hospital Rating Report 2019 - taking stock of insolvency, case numbers and annual financial statements.
By Anna Engberg 05:10 am May 17, 2019
The ministry wants to improve early detection of strokes.
By Anna Engberg 09:27 am May 16, 2019
In May, the annual meeting of internists in Germany took place in Wiesbaden - and was attended by around 8,300 physicians and experts, as well as 2,000 patients.
By Anna Engberg 03:51 am May 14, 2019
With smart baby scales, a German startup now wants to tackle problems in the postnatal phase - and create more accurate comparative data worldwide.

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