Angela Dunn

Angela Dunn is a writer for on health innovation and future trends. Follow her on Twitter @blogbrevity. This post appeared originally at theHL7Standards blog.

By Angela Dunn 09:45 am February 21, 2014
I had a chance to talk with Dr. Luis Saldana about the benefits of "medical scribes," and how the role has evolved and exploded in the age of EHRs.
By Angela Dunn 09:01 am November 25, 2013
Here are five ways to find inspiration for healthcare innovation from other industries. These approaches may inspire you to adopt new knowledge, and think differently.
By Angela Dunn 09:43 am March 22, 2013
One of the biggest trends for 2013 is wearable technology. Although the idea of wearing a device might make the average person feel like a cyborg, we are used to seeing doctors wearing devices.
By Angela Dunn 08:37 am October 21, 2011
While #mhealth or mobile health is taking the world by storm, Happtique, a mobile application store developed specifically for healthcare professionals, aims to make sense of it all. Happtique, Healthcare-APP-bouTIQUE, provides a growing app catalog of what it calls “hApps” or healthcare applications.
By Angela Dunn 08:59 am September 09, 2011
Never before has a healthcare, medical, or pharma 2.0 conference sought to include the voice of the ePatient as generously as the upcoming Stanford Summit & Medicine 2.0 Congress, September 16-18.

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