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A pharmacist looking at a tablet and computer.

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By Thiru Gunasegaran 10:00 pm April 18, 2021
It is the second state in Australia to introduce an initiative that enables monitoring of high-risk medicines.
People on a train in India.

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By Thiru Gunasegaran 04:17 am April 16, 2021
The platform will help the Indian government identify and address knowledge gaps that exist due to limited epidemiological analysis.
A programmer using a computer.

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By 01:27 am April 16, 2021
In today’s ever-changing technological environment, healthcare organizations are expected to constantly advance their technological capabilities to improve their clinical processes further and deliver better outcomes.
A medical staff holding a tablet.

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By Thiru Gunasegaran 02:30 am April 15, 2021
The report includes data from hospitals in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand.
A doctor writes notes on a video call.

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By Thiru Gunasegaran 02:43 am April 06, 2021
The global telehealth service can help to address the shortage of doctors serving the country’s rural areas.
A medical professional using a computer at a hospital.

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By Roy Chiang 06:32 am April 01, 2021
Upon its completion, the platform will first be used by policyholders from participating insurer Great Eastern in a pilot before being scaled nationwide.
A person using the Contak app on a mobile phone.

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By Roy Chiang 12:23 am March 31, 2021
Space 95 – an IT services company in Seychelles – has launched "Contak", a contact tracing app that will enable users to register places they have visited.
A person using a tablet for a video call with a doctor.

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By Roy Chiang 01:47 am March 25, 2021
Digital health group Cardihab has partnered with Tasmania’s health department and the Royal Flying Doctor Service, an aeromedical organisation, to roll out its Cardihab app in public hospitals throughout the state.
A person holding a phone by a street.

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By Roy Chiang 11:38 pm March 23, 2021
In February, Qantas completed a trial run of the CommonPass Digital Health app on an international repatriation flight from Frankfurt to Darwin.
Person being vaccinated.

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By Roy Chiang 10:21 am March 23, 2021
A study conducted in December 2020 by TheCareSide, a home healthcare provider in Australia, found that a majority of the respondents anticipated receiving the COVI