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AI model yields new drug to overcome antibiotic resistance

BY Jeff Rowe | February 21, 2020

Using a deep-learning model, researchers at MIT have identified a powerful new drug that can kill many species of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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Sutter Health introduces AI-based "safety net" for lung cancer scans

BY Jeff Rowe | February 19, 2020

While Sutter already has lower-than-average rates of preventable errors in its lung cancer detection, the health system hopes this technology will further improve their percentages.

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UK researchers use AI to predict heart attacks and stroke

BY Jeff Rowe | February 18, 2020

The study demonstrated AI’s ability to predict which patients might die or suffer major adverse heart events better than a doctor using traditional approaches.

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Ethics-based governance key to success of AI in healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | February 11, 2020

Yes, AI is transforming healthcare, says one stakeholder, but ethical guidelines for its development and use need to be put in place to ensure safe outcomes and longterm public trust.

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Feds approve marketing of AI-guided cardiac diagnostic software

BY Jeff Rowe | February 07, 2020

According to Caption Guidance, the tool guides practitioners in real time on how to place and move the scanner to produce the best quality image.

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First AI-developed drug set for clinical trials

BY Jeff Rowe | February 04, 2020

AI can certainly mine through potential molecular combinations faster than humans, but some observers fear the possibilities for drug development are still more hype than reasonable expectation.

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Specialist touts AI’s potential in fight against kidney disease

BY Jeff Rowe | January 30, 2020

Coupled with dedicated clinical care, says one stakeholder, AI can help providers focus care efforts on patients struggling with the increasing prevalence of diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

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HIMSS20: Implementing AI the ethical way

BY Jeff Rowe | January 27, 2020

The uses of AI are already quite innovative, says one stakeholder, but more thought needs to be given to an array of ethical questions and whether all the technologies are delivering expected outcomes.

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Philips exec releases five ‘guiding principles’ for ethical AI development

BY Jeff Rowe | January 23, 2020

Among other things, he says, the development of AI-enabled solutions in partnership – between providers, payers, patients, researchers, and regulators – is a way of ensuring optimal transparency.