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Researchers use AI to develop artificial proteins

BY Jeff Rowe | July 28, 2020

Scientists and engineers have long sought to harness this power by designing artificial proteins that can perform new tasks, like treat disease, capture carbon, or harvest energy.

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Experts: chatbots need work to become better listeners

BY Jeff Rowe | July 24, 2020

Chatbots may significantly lower health systems' operating costs, says a team of doctors, but evaluation and research are critical to keep the trust of both patients and healthcare workers.

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Partnership targets voice AI as possible COVID-19 diagnostic tool

BY Jeff Rowe | July 21, 2020

Beyond COVID-19, researchers say this is the kind of data analytics that could enhance healthcare for all kinds of diseases with clues hiding in people’s voices.

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Researchers test AI algorithm for cervical cancer screening

BY Jeff Rowe | July 17, 2020

The team says their findings serve as an important example for introducing digital pathology and deep learning into clinical practice, and their approach could substantially improve cervical cancer screening.

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Cleveland healthcare org partners with GE on AI-driven x-ray tool

BY Jeff Rowe | July 14, 2020

The tool is the industry’s first collection of AI algorithms embedded on a mobile X-ray device and was built in collaboration with UC San Francisco.

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How “salutogenesis” could be the real future of AI in healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | July 10, 2020

By tapping AI to help us understand what makes us stressed and sick, says one stakeholder, we can empower people to prevent potential sickness from occurring in the first place.

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AARP, Howard University announce tech-based partnership to address age-based health disparities

BY Jeff Rowe | July 06, 2020

Among other things, the projects will enable proactive voice-first technology that uses facial recognition to remind individuals to take their medication.

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New AI model offers promise of earlier pancreatic cancer detection

BY Jeff Rowe | July 05, 2020

According to experts, using AI on EHRs to highlight patients at higher risk could reveal who should receive more in-depth screening.

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How AI is key to the future of pharma

BY Jeff Rowe | June 26, 2020

Although some remain skeptical about the potential of AI, it’s clear to see that the pharmaceutical industry is particularly poised to improve and thrive through its usage.