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AI Report: pros, cons and how to move forward

BY Jeff Rowe | November 14, 2019

While AI offers the promise of providers enabled to give more personalized and better healthcare, says the report from Brookings, policymakers need to recognize the steps necessary to guard against potential pitfalls.

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Wanted: smart AI regulation

BY Jeff Rowe | November 13, 2019

Regulations designed to breathe life into the AI dream could in fact do the opposite, says one entrepreneur, if they aren’t approached with care and due diligence.

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Can AI help triage our entire healthcare system?

BY Jeff Rowe | November 08, 2019

Our healthcare system was designed in a different era for a different set of health challenges, says one stakeholder, but AI can help modernize it, and quickly.

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How AI efficiencies could save big bucks for healthcare

BY Jeff Rowe | November 07, 2019

AI can review medical records in a fraction of the time of manual reviews, says one stakeholder, and combined with robotic processing efficiencies could significantly reduce unnecessary tests and the related costs.

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Malpractice insurers report examines pros and cons of emerging AI

Assuming providers seek training and adhere to the standards provided by the device companies, notes the report, the upside of AI is bound to be significant.

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Study unlocks value of unstructured data for predictive analytics

BY Jeff Rowe | November 05, 2019

Unstructured data has long posed hurdles for health system analytics initiatives, but AI may be the way to unearth a depth of new insights, helping population health and value-based care efforts.

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Regulatory landscape changing rapidly as AI use increases

BY Jeff Rowe | November 01, 2019

AI tools increasingly permeate the healthcare landscape, and providers need to understand the legal and regulatory implications of that transformation sooner rather than later.

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Survey: healthcare behind on IT adoption, but docs expect rapid progress

BY Jeff Rowe | October 31, 2019

In the survey, both consumers and physicians predicted that remote monitoring technologies and AI technologies will be central to the provision of healthcare within the next 10 years.

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How RPA can pave the way for AI

BY Jeff Rowe | October 29, 2019

For too long, says one stakeholder, healthcare has suffered through automation technology that has overpromised and underdelivered. But RPA could change that.