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Provider teams with genomic testing firm to launch precision med lab

BY Jeff Rowe | July 27, 2020

With this new laboratory, the partners aim to advance genomics and precision medicine for cancer and other prevalent conditions.

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Wanted: dedicated hospital AI departments

BY Jeff Rowe | July 23, 2020

The hype around AI in healthcare will only be realized, says a team of doctors, when the scattered champions of this movement begin formally working as a team under the same roof.

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Are AI scribes the right prescription for healthcare?

BY Jeff Rowe | July 22, 2020

Not only can AI scribes reduce physician burnout, says one advocate. They can also make healthcare better for both the providers and the patients.

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Why security is key to AI’s longterm healthcare success

BY Jeff Rowe | July 17, 2020

In addition to protecting current data, says one stakeholder, AI security is critical to keeping a wary public supportive of AI in healthcare in the name of reaping its myriad important benefits.

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Dubai tasks “smart” robots with facilities sterilization chores

BY Jeff Rowe | July 16, 2020

Officials note the new robots can be used to sterilize many places, including offices, hospital rooms and corridors, operating rooms, warehouses, housing units and other spaces.

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Providers turn to chatbots to help ease pandemic fears

BY Jeff Rowe | July 09, 2020

Along with a range of other AI applications, chatbots are increasingly seen as a potential tool to help address pandemic-related anxiety.

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Provider group taps AI-powered assistant to help docs optimize use of EHRs

BY Jeff Rowe | July 03, 2020

It’s no secret EHR administration is not a favorite task for most providers, but a new AI-powered digital assistant may be ready to provide some welcome relief.

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AI: a big step toward the promise of “intelligent” health systems

BY Jeff Rowe | June 25, 2020

The importance of AI, agreed panelists at a recent virtual summit, comes down to the power of data as a vehicle for sharing knowledge and solving organizational problems.

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Expert: AI has more it can do to help fight COVID-19

BY Jeff Rowe | June 24, 2020

AI is helping battle COVID-19 in key ways, says one stakeholder, but there are several other tasks the new technology could take on to help with this and future outbreaks.