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11:16 am February 06, 2017
The new paradigm for health analytics is to create data-driven cultures. Instead of just collecting data, healthcare organizations need to create real-time actionable information that both improves clinical outcomes and drives financial savings.
10:42 am February 03, 2017
The 2016 State of PAM Security Report presents the results & findings. Over 550+ organizations bench-marked their privileged account management score.Discover the challenges and actions.
11:47 am February 01, 2017
Connected IoT devices such as smart home appliances, wearables and industrial control sensors represent a new entry point for cyber-attackers. Learn why your cybersecurity program needs to include safeguards around IoT devices and connecting points.
03:19 pm January 31, 2017
Physician leaders can successfully practice value-based care by following five recommendations. Collaboration, patient engagement and partnership with IT experts are hallmarks of a solid value-based care program.
GE Healthcare
02:41 pm January 30, 2017
The healthcare industry has come under siege with the rise in security breaches. Healthcare organizations can help prevent breaches by deploying multi-factor authentication (MFA).
09:36 am January 26, 2017
Want to know more about how a fleet of sensors and the right machine-to-machine communication can automate and streamline some operational processes within your organization?
09:31 am January 26, 2017
Healthcare providers use mobile devices to stay connected, access information, and enter data in real time, but no on device does it all. Device convergence solutions enable multiple functions on one device, improving workflows and minimizing risks to patients caused by loss of connectivity.
12:29 pm January 24, 2017
To deliver value-based care, providers need to have all patient information - including images - in one accessible, secure platform. An enterprise imaging platform enables a complete view of the patient.
Agfa Healthcare
09:12 am January 24, 2017
In 2014, Southwest Medical Associates, one of Nevada’s largest multi-specialty medical groups, launched its telehealth service, SMA NowClinic. In this case study, we reveal how Southwest Medical enrolled more than 30,000 patients and more!
American Well
02:54 pm January 23, 2017
How is your organization transitioning to value-based care? Find out why a unique health safety identifier and health IT are critical to securing patient identity and achieving better outcomes.
Lenovo Health

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