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11:57 am December 19, 2017
Whatever stage your models of care are in right now, it's never too late to start planning. This ebook, which includes links to other multimedia resources, will help you draw your technology roadmap by highlighting key considerations along the way.
03:14 pm December 18, 2017
Healthcare organizations are rightfully wary about moving to the cloud, with valid concerns about security and compliance. This podcast offers insights about Microsoft's approach and tools for ensuring both internal and governmental compliance.
02:29 pm December 14, 2017
Using real-world case studies, this data sheet outlines a fast-to-implement, easy-to-maintain, cost-effective HIPAA- and HITRUST-certified SaaS platform for organizations to improve patient matching, with or without an existing solution in place.
09:07 am December 14, 2017
Today's consumer-minded patient experience encompasses before, during and after the visit. As this paper shows, the platform that value-driven providers use to engage patients greatly affects their ability to improve loyalty, revenue and MIPS scores.
12:07 pm December 13, 2017
As value-based advancements in electronic health records, patient imaging and telehealth emerge, IT professionals are finding barriers to enabling collaborative care that benefits both patients and their bottom line. This paper offers solutions.
08:52 am December 07, 2017
Combining infographic-worthy statistics with contextual background information, this solutions-based ebook offers a detailed look at the inherent challenges of transitions and how a combination of people, processes and technology better enable them.
08:42 am December 07, 2017
Based on findings from quantitative and qualitative surveys of leaders at major health systems, this comprehensive report offers insights into what dozens of executives are thinking as they plan to address prominent technology challenges in the coming year.
Center for Connected Medicine
12:57 pm December 06, 2017
Connected medical devices offer the potential to improve patient care and operational efficiency, but also introduce new privacy and security risks. Healthcare provider security and risk management leaders should rethink their privacy and security practice in light of these new risks.
12:00 pm November 30, 2017
This infographic provides statistical insights about the impact of care transitions, building a case for how evidence-based clinical workflow tools and care plan guides support population health management and care coordination across the continuum.
10:52 am November 17, 2017
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly expanding part of the global information economy, yet security exploits show that more attention needs to be paid to making the IoT safe. Companies deploying IoT infrastructure should look to build in security from day one. This report describes the challenges inherent in securing IoT devices.

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