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11:22 am February 16, 2018
Remotely authenticating unique individuals is a crucial first step in achieving higher utilization levels of such service offerings as patient portals and telemedicine, while still protecting sensitive patient information and limiting provider risk.
11:39 am February 15, 2018
This executive summary details how technology can help hospitals and health systems to enable secure, seamless access for both digital and paper-based patient information, integrated so as not to either interrupt clinician workflow or impede care.
04:25 pm February 14, 2018
This three-stage study examined how users at a regional hospital and medical center responded to a simulated email phishing attack and, after completing interactive training, how much differently the same users responded to a second simulated attack.
10:28 am February 13, 2018
This health IT ebook shows how patients, providers and payers can ubiquitously connect with both high-quality content and each other, ultimately to create better patient outcomes. Handy links to a variety of helpful resources are provided throughout.
11:37 am February 09, 2018
Ensuring that EHRs are affordable, accessible and well-operated is unachievable for many small healthcare sites, which can foil digitally well-appointed health systems that need them as care partners. This whitepaper shows how those gaps are closing.
NTT Data
03:27 pm February 05, 2018
As patients' healthcare records have become the most sought-after type of data for hackers to target, there is mounting pressure on healthcare IT professionals to not only safeguard this valuable information, but to also keep their company compliant.
J2 Cloud Services
03:26 pm February 05, 2018
Cybercriminals value ePHI 10-20 times more than credit card data. And aggressively enforced federal HIPAA penalties now average over a million dollars. As this whitepaper shows, clearly the stakes for safeguarding health data have never been higher.
J2 Cloud Services
01:37 pm February 05, 2018
This case study shows how UMMC's award-winning Center for Telehealth provides consultation, training, and support that helps health organizations throughout the state to successfully establish a telehealth program, delivering much-needed remote care.
Global Med
11:14 am February 05, 2018
Patient-centric communications are essential to high-value care experiences that are personalized and effective. Healthcare organizations are achieving successful engagement by using patient data in combination with automated communications.
West Corporation
11:10 am February 05, 2018
Today's hackers are constantly adjusting their attack methods, wreaking havoc on health organizations. This ebook highlights the effects of these damaging attacks and how you can safeguard the health of your patients and future of your organization.

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