12:00 pm April 11, 2017
Healthcare organizations are facing a fast growing data management challenge, with some estimates showing the amount of digital healthcare data growing at close to 50% of year and hitting 2.3 Exabytes by 2020.
Amazon Web Services
02:00 pm March 31, 2017
The threats to IT are becoming more diverse. IT doesn’t need to worry about just power outages, human errors, and weather events. Ransomware is increasingly becoming a threat, especially for hospitals and other healthcare organizations.
01:00 pm March 29, 2017
Healthcare IT is experiencing a revolution as cloud and mobile access become critical components of a modern workplace.
01:00 pm March 28, 2017
The journey through implementation of a telemedicine services program in serving patients and satisfying the requirements of physicians.
02:00 pm March 27, 2017
Advances in genomics hold promise for delivering clinical care that will be personalized to the needs of individual patients. But as healthcare IT professionals begin planning investments that will allow them to be ready for this new chapter, many questions are emerging.
01:00 pm March 23, 2017
Medical devices have pervaded healthcare like never before and have revolutionized patient care. This comes with its own set of challenges though, for healthcare providers and device manufacturers, including Asset Management, Device Security, Regulatory Compliance, and OEM Integration.
12:00 pm March 22, 2017
Successful CDS delivery requires targeting the most appropriate clinical workflow. This varies based on the clinical staff, care setting and underlying technology infrastructure. This webinar will educate attendees on how to maximize the impact of CDS by matching it to the proper workflow.   
Wolters Kluwer
11:00 am March 20, 2017
When it comes to designing a future-ready infrastructure, healthcare IT leaders need to dream big.  If you haven’t explored how your organization can implement a cloud solution, now is the time to think outside the box—and enable IT to move at the speed of business.
01:00 pm March 17, 2017
“Don’t Click Here” is no longer a viable security tactic.  Healthcare providers need to rethink their security posture by stopping threats before they reach clinical staff augmented by an ability to respond quickly when attacks inevitably occur.  
01:00 pm March 13, 2017
The availability of genomic data can be a valuable support tool for clinical decision-making. But the process of integrating realtime reanalysis of raw genomic data into an EMR environment can impact real-time performance and run into regulatory restrictions.

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