Scott Monroe of 3M
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By 3M 09:17 am April 05, 2017
(SPONSORED) Scott Monroe of 3M discusses the results from a survey of C-suite level healthcare executives on how they feel about the state of value-based care in the face of uncertain policy changes by the new Trump administration.
Katherine Baicker
By Eric Bailey 03:16 pm April 03, 2017
Katherine Baicker, professor of health economics at Harvard's T.H. Chan School of Public Health, spoke at the HIMSS Pop Health Forum about the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, whose findings on the effects of Medicaid expansion have been touted by both supporters and opponents of the Affordable Care Act.
HIMSS17 Radio Panel
By Eric Bailey 09:02 am March 29, 2017
(SPONSORED) This panel discussion explores navigating value-based care and different strategies, solutions and opportunities in that space. Co-hosted by This Just In's Justin's Barnes and Tom Sullivan of Healthcare IT News.
Marion Ball speaks to women entering health IT
By Eric Bailey 09:13 am March 28, 2017
(SPONSORED) Marion Ball, Professor Emerita at Johns Hopkins University, shares her experience coming up through the male-dominated health IT profession and offers advice to young women just entering the field.
HIMSS17 Radio Panel Day 2
By Eric Bailey 01:51 pm March 20, 2017
(SPONSORED) This panel discussion from HIMSS17 focuses on how advancements in analytics technologies and practices are changing healthcare. Co-moderated by Gus Venditto of HIMSS Media and Justin Barnes, host of HIMSS Radio.
HIMSS17 Opening Keynote Clip: Ginni Rometty
By Eric Bailey 09:09 am March 10, 2017
Access a selection of the most popular education sessions from HIMSS17 including the full opening keynote presentation with IBM CEO Ginni Rometty.
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By Verizon 03:10 pm March 05, 2017
(SPONSORED) Canary Connect, Inc. is a video-driven home security company that helps consumers safeguard their home by sending alerts to an app on a smartphone when activity is detected. Chris Rill, a co-founder and CTO of Canary, speaks to the importance of product privacy and security as well as value of IoT Device Security Certification.
HIMSS17 Radio
By Eric Bailey 12:51 pm March 04, 2017
HIMSS Radio at HIMSS17 featured several of our popular guests back to the show. Enjoy this collection of interviews and panel sessions from the two days of programming.
12:49 pm March 01, 2017
(SPONSORED) Lonny Northrup, Senior Medical Informaticist at Intermountain Healthcare, at Intermountain Healthcare, explains how the Ayasdi platform has shown impressive results in a short amount of time, citing improved mortality prediction at the organization as an example.
Wellframe HIMSS17
11:12 am March 01, 2017
(SPONSORED) Norine Domenge, RN, MSN of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, discusses the organization's use of Wellframe's technology to improve care management interventions.

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