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CIOs, CISOs share advice on cybersecurity

Texas Children’s CISO Sanjeev Sah said hospitals must master the basics because there’s no way to protect against advanced threats if you do not.

By Tom Sullivan 09:52 am June 01, 2016
Speak their language. Don’t talk too deeply about technology. But also remember to pitch the innovative ways that investing in security can improve the business, executives from Henry Ford, NIST, PwC, Texas Children's and others advise.
Todd Dunn Intermountain population health patient engagement

Todd Dunn, director of innovation at Intermountain Healthcare, said population health is going to demand new tools that delight users. To accomplish that, Intermountain focuses on empathy, curiosity and rapid experiment.

By Tom Sullivan 10:35 am May 19, 2016
CIOs and innovation officers point to companies such as Ikea, Lego, Oxo -- and how they have conducted observational studies to effectively understand UX and deliver products accordingly. 
chronic care management hype

Chronic care management, as a technology product and healthcare services market, is nascent. Despite the already widespread appreciation of CCM's potential benefits, and evidence that hospitals' interest in CCM is on the rise, the reality is that only 13 percent of participants in a recent study have actually filed a 99490 claim and been paid, according to research.

By Tom Sullivan 10:19 am April 26, 2016
Here’s the rub: $50 billion might be hyperbole, but $5 billion is still a sizable enough market to drive innovations that health systems can harness to engage patients, better manage populations and ultimately improve care and the bottom line.    
artificial intelligence healthcare
By Tom Sullivan 07:27 am April 22, 2016
With Google, IBM and Microsoft all setting sights squarely on healthcare, and analysts predicting 30 percent of providers will run cognitive analytics on patient data by 2018, the risk of investing too late may outweigh the risk of doing so too soon.
FBI Apple encryption
By Tom Sullivan 09:21 am March 30, 2016
Now the question is whether cyber criminals could someday emulate that approach to access encrypted patient data.
Apple Watch
By Tom Sullivan 10:14 am November 30, 2015
It sounds almost shadowy and top-secret: An innovation wing in Louisiana is home to cutting-edge work undertaken by Apple, Epic and a tech-savvy provider. That would be Ochsner Health System.
New York University Langone Medical Center
By Tom Sullivan 07:59 am October 30, 2015
Academic medical centers are already establishing learning health networks that provide a sneak peek into what a national system might one day resemble.
ICD-10 Treasure map
By Tom Sullivan 07:51 am September 08, 2015
Even though it has felt, perhaps, as if the opposite was true for several years, hospitals and medical practices are captains of their own ICD-10 ships -- a fact that's more apparent now, literally days from shore, than ever before.
population health
By Tom Sullivan 07:36 am August 20, 2015
The notion of gleaning insights from mountains of health information -- and then applying those precisely to individual patients -- hinges on the confluence of various factors. But it all boils down to one magic word.
Road signs
By Tom Sullivan 10:20 am June 30, 2015
In the national discourse about interoperability, much of the focus is on enabling a doctor using one electronic health record to access patient information residing in a different hospital's EHR, even when another vendor built it. But is that really the best way to give doctors the data they need?

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