Artificial Intelligence

Athenahealth buys Praxify
By Bernie Monegain 11:28 am June 09, 2017
The Silicon Valley company brings with a number of applications, including a personal assistant program integrated with EHRs and artificial intelligence aimed at patient engagement.
Watson pilot for oncology
By Bernie Monegain 03:34 pm June 05, 2017
Second phase of the pilot will include insights on bundled payment assignments.
machine learning and AI in healthcare
By Mike Miliard 03:08 pm June 02, 2017
Supervised? Unsupervised? Semi-supervised? Huh? Experts from Harvard and Stanford say the subtle differences in terminology actually have big impact.
leverage AI against cyberthreats
By Bernie Monegain 12:05 pm May 31, 2017
Cisco will build new applications for IBM’s platform that hospital security teams can use to better understand and respond to advanced threats.
AI advanced security software
By Tom Sullivan 01:52 pm May 30, 2017
New products and services will incorporate predictive and prescriptive analytics and machine learning to augment infosec employees and resources, Gartner finds.
As AI spreads through healthcare, ethical questions arise
By Mike Miliard 01:37 pm May 26, 2017
New Infosys report points to importance of "ethical standards" for training talent as automation changes workflows.
By Mike Miliard 10:10 am May 24, 2017
Stanford Medicine, UC San Francisco University of Chicago Medicine to help Google Brain fine-tune predictive analytics to spot patterns in EHRs.
future health IT

Tom Sullivan at the Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum, where speakers and panelists discussed the biggest roadblocks to embracing emerging technologies.

By Tom Sullivan 11:22 am May 23, 2017
Persistent infrastructure and talent acquisition concerns render the industry not-quite-ready to embrace the next generation of health IT. But we’re getting close.
By Bernie Monegain 02:40 pm May 22, 2017
Team plans to leverage Watson AI to develop cognitive tools that use analytics, knowledge-driven learning and semantics-based interrogation.
healthcare using Artificial Intelligence AI
By Bill Siwicki 12:35 pm May 19, 2017
Healthcare providers, life science companies and technology vendors view artificial intelligence as important to competitiveness, Tata Consultancy Services reports.

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