Artificial Intelligence

AI-based cybersecurity tools
By Bill Siwicki 10:04 am August 16, 2017
These tools have evolved in maturity, and there are ways to conduct due diligence to get past the hype.
advance AI use in healthcare

The Xavier’s campus in Cincinnati will host the AI Summit as the Center's first big initiative. 

By Bill Siwicki 11:20 am August 15, 2017
The Xavier Center for Artificial Intelligence is bringing together various players to create AI applications that will be offered for free throughout the industry.
Human Diagnosis Project

A screen snap of the Human Diagnosis Project's interactive tool. Photo via HumanDx

By Mike Miliard 01:15 pm August 10, 2017
Human Dx initiative uses machine learning to connect patients at safety net hospitals and community health centers with targeted specialty care.
AI tech
By Bill Siwicki 02:01 pm August 09, 2017
Thomas Zenty suggests those once-futuristic technologies are now closer than many realize. And it’s only a matter of time before Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri come to a hospital near you.
natural language processing
By Mike Miliard 01:53 pm August 04, 2017
Medical transcripts offer untapped insights for life science customers, the companies say.
AI-powered Viome
By Bernie Monegain 02:18 pm August 03, 2017
Viome identifies microorganisms in the gut, analyzes by applying machine learning and offers personalized nutritional recommendations.
Mayo clinic stroke patients
By Bernie Monegain 02:19 pm July 27, 2017
Initial work with Mayo Clinic, Microsoft focused on stroke patients.
Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence
By Mike Miliard 04:46 pm July 25, 2017
Despite Musk's fears for the growing sophistication of artificial intelligence, Zuckerberg says the potential to improve healthcare is one of its biggest promises.

From left, Boston Children's Hospital's food service robot; UCSF robot assists patients at Mission Bay; Boston Children's medical record robot.

By Tom Sullivan 11:38 am July 25, 2017
Health systems will buy and deploy robots for clinical tasks in one to three years, IDC said, while drones investments may be five years away.
AI Blockchain ransomware security
By Tom Sullivan 04:31 pm July 18, 2017
The conference, in Boston Sept. 11-12, 2017, will address how to become a cybersecurity superhero, surviving on a tight budget, world-class strategy, emerging technologies and more. 

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