Artificial Intelligence

AI detects tuberculosis
By Bernie Monegain 11:41 am April 19, 2017
TB is one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide.
IDC AI and cognitive computing
By Tom Sullivan 11:18 am April 19, 2017
Quality management and diagnosis and treatment systems are among top use cases for AI and cognitive computing, IDC report says.
IBM Continuum Analytics Anaconda

IBM senior vice president Bob Picciano said Anaconda will enable data scientists to build deep learning apps. Photo via Twitter. 

By Bernie Monegain 11:10 am April 17, 2017
Big Blue will make Anaconda available on its PowerAI software for developers creating cognitive computing tools.
Amazon and Merck use Alexa voice solutions
By Tom Sullivan 12:37 pm April 11, 2017
Amazon and Merck are putting $250,000 on the line for innovators that use Alexa voice solutions to make Type 2 diabetics’ lives better.
hospitals to adopt artificial intelligence
By Tom Sullivan 10:39 am April 11, 2017
A new Healthcare IT News and HIMSS Analytics survey found population health and precision medicine among the initiatives where health IT professionals expect AI to have the greatest impact.
Davis Global Center University of Nebraska
By Mike Miliard 01:11 pm April 10, 2017
The University of Nebraska Medical Center will give doctors and nurses hands-on training with emerging technology.
Politico uncovers more funding indiscretions from Patrick Soon-Shiong

Biotech mogul Patrick Soon-Shing is facing more damning allegations about his fundraising.

By Jessica Davis 11:38 am April 10, 2017
The biotech mogul gave about $15 million to Phoenix Children’s Hospital fund that included millions in deals that benefited his for-profit companies.
AI machine learning Moore's Law

Health Catalyst EVP Dale Sanders said the rate of machine learning advancement is faster than anything he's ever seen. 

By Tom Sullivan 06:42 am April 07, 2017
The technologies are enabling early-adopter hospitals to transition from the art of medicine to the science of medicine. 
Intermedix buys WPC

Joel Portice, Intermedix CEO, believes data science and AI will help better assist customers in managing care and optimizing their revenue cycles.

By Mike Miliard 11:22 am April 06, 2017
New predictive analytics capabilities will bolster company’s revenue cycle and practice management tools, officials say.
To spot suicidal veterans, VA turns to predictive analytics tool

Audie L. Murphy Veterans Administration Hospital in San Antonio, TX (via Wikimedia Commons)

By Tom Sullivan 02:53 pm April 05, 2017
With as many as 20 veterans committing suicide a day, officials expect REACH VET to root out at-risk patients so doctors can intervene immediately.

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