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Google makes AI tool for precision medicine open source
By Tom Sullivan 01:44 pm December 05, 2017
The company also made DeepVariant, which can be used to improve the accuracy of genomic sequencing, available through Google Cloud.
Future-proofing AI
By Bill Siwicki 08:40 am December 03, 2017
Hospitals are proving the merits of machine learning and cognitive computing, but deep learning and data dependence are key.
By Bill Siwicki 10:44 am December 02, 2017
With AI tech being so complex to implement, we've compiled some essential areas to focus on to prepare for this emerging technology.
By Bill Siwicki 08:49 am December 02, 2017
But what are limits today will soon become opportunities, as health systems sit on mounds of data ripe for integration into AI.
RSNA AI announcements

Credit: RSNA Instagram

By Bill Siwicki 10:46 am November 29, 2017
A half-a-dozen new artificial intelligence-based imaging technologies made their debut at the Radiological Society of North America’s conference in Chicago.
By Bernie Monegain 01:18 pm November 27, 2017
Company says the average hospital generates 50 petabytes of data annually, yet less than 3 percent of that data is actionable, tagged or analyzed.
NewYork-Presbyterian's AI command center

NewYork-Presbyterian's AI command center CLOC RN Monitoring Station. Credit: NewYork-Presbyterian

By Bill Siwicki 08:56 am November 27, 2017
Nurses in a faraway control room monitor patients with AI tools and free on-premise clinicians to spend more time with patients.
IoT data ready for AI

AI is poised to gain traction but still needs better integration with EHR systems and analytic tools for medical devices in the hands of patients.

By Bill Siwicki 11:57 am November 20, 2017
Hospitals should begin with appropriate infrastructure and that includes robust connectivity, storage and security. Here’s a look at how to get started.
Philips, Nuance to apply AI to imaging workflows

Nuance's PowerScribe 360 platform will now integrate with Royal Philips​ Illumeo to improve radiology reporting. Credit: YouTube

By Mike Miliard 01:55 pm November 17, 2017
The two companies will offer radiologists access to various tools – for risk stratification, improved report structure, faster turnaround times – to help clinicans make better decisions about the next steps in the care process.
AI data-driven healthcare
By Bill Siwicki 11:51 am November 17, 2017
Provider organizations must figure out ways to sift through mountains of data to let AI tools have at it. And AI experts have plenty of suggestions.  

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