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November 07, 2012
Obamacare has survived both a Supreme Court challenge and now Mitt Romney's promise to "repeal and replace." But very real questions remain about its future, since it's as unpopular as ever in some states. Questions about federal funding of health IT are also still lingering.
August 29, 2012
By choosing Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney put Medicare on the table as a major 2012 campaign issue.
May 31, 2012
Lawmakers found themselves in the unfamiliar territory of bipartisanship last night, when the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Reform Act, which could speed medical device approval.
December 21, 2011
This week, the Obama Administration set in motion a Twitter campaign in response to the Republicans in the House of Representatives shutting down the two-month extension to the payroll tax cut. What can you buy with $40? Here are some healthcare related answers from Twitter followers.
July 22, 2011
Got money worries? Join the club!
January 31, 2011
The "Party of No" strikes again.
December 02, 2010
The Senate has passed a bill that exempts doctors, among other professionals, from the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flags Rule, which would have required them to develop and implement written identity theft prevention programs.
May 28, 2010
A bill to exempt doctors from complying with the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flags Rule, slated to go into effect June 1, was introduced earlier this week.
November 23, 2009
Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved the Small Business Health IT Financing Act (HR 3014), which would authorize the Small Business Administration to oversee a $10 billion loan program for healthcare providers. This bill, which was sponsored by Rep. Kathleen A. Dahlkemper (D-Pa.), chairman of the House Small Business Regulations and Healthcare Subcommittee, is up for Senate consideration.
November 20, 2009
A bill that provides loans of up to $350,000 for physicians and $2 million for medical groups to buy electronic health record systems or other healthcare information technology is likely to benefit solo and small group practices the most, according to investment bank Piper Jaffrey.
April 18, 2007
Contributed by Diane Dannenfeldt Washington, DC - A provision included in high-profile Medicare drug legislation that would require physicians to write prescriptions electronically h...
December 07, 2006
WASHINGTON - In action just before the 109th Session of Congress ended, both houses passed bipartisan legislation addressing a number of end-of-session concerns, including the implementation...
August 29, 2006
Don't look to the halls of Congress for the real action on healthcare IT this month. By the time you read this column, lawmakers in Washington eith...
June 27, 2006
As this issue of Healthcare IT News went to press, there was an uncanny feeling of deja vu. Been there, didn't do that. I'm referring to the hold that Rep...
June 07, 2006
Look for a vote on a healthcare IT bill in the House of Representatives as early as the third week of June, Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) said Wednesday....