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September 27, 2011
A new report from PwC's Health Research Institute suggests the healthcare sector is falling behind when it comes to protecting patient data, even "as new uses for digital health data emerge and access to confidential patient information expands."
September 22, 2011
Most health organizations are under-prepared to protect patient privacy and secure personal health information as new uses for digital health data emerge and access to confidential patient information expands, according to a new report from PwC's Health Research Institute.
September 20, 2011
The Florida-based vendor is partnering with AirWatch to give administrators a platform from which to deploy, manage and service a wide range of mobile medical devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.
September 19, 2011
AirWatch, a global leader and innovator in mobile security, mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), today announced that its software was instrumental in the launch of Southeastrans’ Net InSight Mobile App. By leveraging AirWatch, Southeastrans deployed its Net InSight Mobile App to help its network of non-emergency medical transportation providers securely track and manage trips in real-time, run various detailed reports and electronically submit payment data. Since launch, over 30,000 medical transport related transactions and 1,500 compliance inspections have been completed via the mobile application, enhancing security measures and increasing both IT and transportation efficiencies and productivity.
September 13, 2011
The Philadelphia-based company, one of the largest providers of Medicaid managed care plans in the country, will use NaviNet's platform to connect physicians to e-prescribing services and care alerts in a mobile pilot program beginning October 1.
September 12, 2011
A groundbreaking scheduling software built to accommodate today's mobile lifestyle has shifted the way healthcare services, pharmacies, dental practices, caregivers and hospitals create and manage staff schedules.
September 08, 2011
The proliferation of mobile devices in healthcare has given administrators a vexing problem with no easy answer: Should a health system dictate what smartphones and tablets its employees use or allow them to use their own personal devices?
August 31, 2011
One hundred patients with diabetes have signed up for a telemonitoring pilot spearheaded by HEALTHeLINK, the regional health information organization (RHIO) serving Western New York State. The nonprofit's innovative approach to telemonitoring could serve as a model for the rest of the nation, according to Todd Norris, Western New York Beacon Project Director.
August 16, 2011
The Institute for Health Technology Transformation opened its two-day conference Monday in Seattle with a spirited discussion of the future of telehealth and mobile health in a rapidly changing healthcare ecosystem.
July 29, 2011
Once it allows employees and clinicians in its hospitals to start using iPhones and iPads on the job on Oct. 1, the biggest issue for the Department of Veterans Affairs is information security.
July 21, 2011
Mobile devices have become as common as the stethoscope in patients' rooms since they're ideal for information sharing and time savings – but they pose huge security risks to patient information, experts say.
July 18, 2011
From bolstering brand identity to reducing administration costs, hospital signage is a growing industry with a continuous supply of new and sophisticated tools that spread hospital communication.
July 12, 2011
As more clinicians begin using their personal mobile devices to aid patient care, hospitals must be prepared to manage them in order to ensure security and privacy, according to one expert.
July 08, 2011
How comprehensive can the information in an EHR be before patients grow concerned for their privacy? Do doctors using EHRs run the risk of missing the meat on the bones -- the details?
July 05, 2011
As doctors increasingly adopt mobile devices, this much seems clear: At least for now, Apple is king.
July 01, 2011
The Department of Veterans Affairs expects on Oct. 1 to let clinicians in its hospitals and other employees use mobile devices – likely Apple’s iPhone among others – once they are verified as secure and that any personal information stored on them is encrypted.
June 28, 2011
The increase of mobile devices, embedded devices, virtualization software, social media and the consumerization of IT are the top five security threats for healthcare organizations today, says one expert.
June 24, 2011
AT&T this week announced a management service that allows physicians to access medical images from the cloud via their mobile devices. Additionally, it announced a partnership with Annapolis, Md.-based Zephyr Technology to provide wireless access to its biometric devices.
June 02, 2011
UPMC and Alcatel-Lucent have announced plans to consolidate the Pittsburgh-based healthcare network's considerable telemedicine tools and solutions on one platform, creating a virtual exam room that will help healthcare providers deliver care to patients in remote locations.
May 18, 2011
At the IBM SmartCamp, which puts start-up firms together with venture capitalists and industry leaders to provide coaching and support, three of the five finalists are focused on empowering patient-driven healthcare.