Survey Analyses

Survey analysis: The election and IT planning

The flurry of election activity is long gone, but the implications of the results are still being felt by health IT stakeholders who are planning upcoming IT budgets and projects. Healthcare IT News asked its readers if the election affected their IT implementation or spending. Here’s what they said. Read more »

Survey analysis: Government and healthcare

Healthcare IT News recently asked its readers if they think the government should be shaping the future of healthcare. Here are the results.

The majority of respondents agree that the healthcare system is out of control and that the government should step in with regulations.

Only 21 percent were unsure, noting that government involvement should exist in a less aggressive form than the Affordable Care Act or Romneycare. Read more »

Survey analysis: The candidates on health IT

As evidenced by the recent Democratic and Republican National Conventions, health IT does not have a strong presence in the candidates’ platforms. Healthcare IT News asked its readers if they think President Obama and Mitt Romney should bring health IT into the discussion. Read more »