09:04 am January 17, 2018

Managed services organizations supply implementation and operational expertise to advance the capabilities of IT, both to relieve internal staffers of more mundane uptime duties and to supply the ready sophistication needed for specific applications and analyses.

By Intel 09:37 am January 11, 2018

We chat with Andy Bartley, health and life sciences solution architect, Intel Corporation.

Future-proofing precision medicine
By Intel 09:51 am January 10, 2018

Bryce Olson, global marketing director, health and life sciences at Intel Corp., discusses the data explosion.

Moving medications through multiple systems trip up medication safety efforts
By BD 04:22 pm January 08, 2018

More than 50 percent of the respondents who participated in the 2017 Medication Management and Safety Study stated that the greatest gap in medication management occurs when transitioning from one place to another and at the patient bedside.

Preparing your organization for mobile clinical communications
10:44 am January 05, 2018

Several years ago, leaders at a large healthcare system put together a strategic plan that included among its goals to make clinical workflows more mobile and create “smarter” rooms using wireless medical devices. New technologies were purchased based on feedback from stakeholders, and everyone was properly trained on the new tools.

future-proofing population health
By Intel 09:59 am January 04, 2018

We chat with Jennifer Esposito, general manager, health and life sciences, Intel Corporation.

By Commvault 09:49 am January 03, 2018

Ananth Balasubramanian, general manager of worldwide healthcare business at Commvault, is all about data.

12:05 pm December 27, 2017

Fueled by three converging trends – increasing government support and reimbursement for telehealth services; purpose-built, integrated hardware-software solutions; and the “consumerization of medical devices” – telemedicine is poised to make major gains in the coming year.

09:16 am December 20, 2017

More than a decade ago, healthcare information technology leaders – concerned about electromagnetic interference (EMI) from mobile electronics – banned cellphones in patient care areas.

09:45 am December 19, 2017

Computers and workstations on wheels (WoWs) were designed to help clinicians spend less time working from nursing-station desktops and more time at the point of care. The reality, however, is that the ideal has yet to be fully realized.