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To achieve greater interoperability, health institutions must address the challenges of data integration. A single patient identifier creates one record for one patient over the care continuum, which is vital as we move to a value-based care system.

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The cost of payment fraud not only significantly diminishes provider revenue, but also creates extensive losses within health delivery along the entire care continuum. Implementing health IT solutions to eliminate payment fraud will successfully address these losses, as well as simplify and maximize payment collection.

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(SPONSORED) Canary Connect, Inc. is a video-driven home security company that helps consumers safeguard their home by sending alerts to an app on a smartphone when activity is detected. Chris Rill, a co-founder and CTO of Canary, speaks to the importance of product privacy and security as well as value of IoT Device Security Certification.

Disaster Recovery Plan - Balancing Regulatory Compliance with Strategic Initiatives
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(SPONSORED) Prescription 4: Balancing Regulatory Compliance with Strategic Initiatives. Healthcare organizations rely on IT teams to carry out their strategic initiatives, such as interoperability across systems.

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We know a lot of statistics about suicide.

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A flexible, virtualized network can support the data demands created by the integration of IoT devices, thus enabling customer-experience solutions to leverage the data in meaningful ways.

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As medical identity theft continues to rise, so does its impact on the healthcare industry and patients. Prevention is possible with the right health IT solutions.

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Health IT solutions must address patient ID challenges along the care continuum. As virtual care grows to engage a wider breadth of patients, the industry needs to look at innovative ways to ensure ID security.

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Here are some key tips for successful image management.

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While many entities are grappling with how to succeed in these value-based care models, the truth of the matter is that population health actually requires a patient-centric approach in order to be effective.