The national debate around healthcare has intensified in the 2012 elections. The issue is front and center in national, state and local political conversations. But amid the rhetoric, the soundbites, and the spin, many of the realities of healthcare and truths about reform are lost along the campaign trail. In response to these concerns, MedTech Media's leading healthcare publications, Healthcare IT News, Healthcare Finance News and Government Health IT, are deciphering the political doublespeak and asking the questions our readers find most pertinent – about politicians, healthcare policies and delivery system reform at the federal, state, and local levels.

Obama wins, future of ACA, HIT uncertain November 07, 2012 | Tom Sullivan

While many early accounts of last night’s party for President Obama hail the news as a boon for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), once that excitement wears off, Americans will realize that it's just too early to tell whether the reelection will actually be fertilizer or formaldehyde for health reform and for what to date has been viewed as bipartisan support for health IT.

Third quarter results of a venture capital study conducted by Mercom Capital Group showed healthcare IT remaining strong for the fifth quarter in a row, and the outcome of the presidential election is not expected to change that, according to Raj Prabhu, managing partner of Mercom.
October 23, 2012
At the MGMA-ACMPE annual conference in San Antonio on Monday, a panel of physicians and executives tried to predict where healthcare is headed, gauging the upcoming election's impact on the Affordable Care Act and weighing the potential impact of an expected doctor shortage.
October 23, 2012
Instead of declaring the winners and losers of last night's vice presidential debate, we look at what wasn't discussed: Rep. Paul Ryan's Congressional record on health information technology.
October 12, 2012
Medicare and Social Security composed one of the nine segments in Thursday's night's fiery debate between Vice President Joe Biden and challenger Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.). The discussion had far more feist than the first presidential debate, held one week ago, on every topic, not just on healthcare.
October 12, 2012
It's unclear how much time and attention health IT and healthcare will receive in the vice presidential debate tonight. Among all the "what to expect in the debate" speculations, there is mostly an expectation of a clash of personalities.
October 11, 2012
Among the pods of debate in Denver last night, the issue of healthcare was every bit as fiery as the oft-considered more popular economy, jobs and the widely-divisive role of government.
October 4, 2012
Michael Grunwald, author of The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era, spoke to Healthcare IT News about the making of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and about why health information technology may be the most lasting and transformative pillar of the stimulus bill.
October 1, 2012
There are no set appropriations for how much the federal government can spend on rewarding providers who adopt and use electronic health records under the Medicare and Medicaid meaningful use EHR incentive program, according to National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari, MD.
September 13, 2012
While there's plenty of attention to healthcare topics in both the Republican and Democratic national party platforms, there is only a passing reference to healthcare information technology in each.
September 10, 2012
Former President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote at HIMSS13 in New Orleans on March 6. HIMSS officials released its list of speakers on Sept. 5, the same day Clinton delivered the keynote at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.
September 6, 2012
By choosing Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney put Medicare on the table as a major 2012 campaign issue.
August 29, 2012
Most of the headlines about the choice of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as running mate for presidential candidate Mitt Romney have screamed about how the author of the House budget plan would upend the Medicare program and upset seniors' certainty about healthcare. Ryan's plans for Medicaid, however, are more extreme and immediate.
August 17, 2012

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Infographic: Obamaneycare

How similar are President Obama's and Republican nominee Mitt Romney's two versions of mandated health insurance coverage? Check out this infographic to see where the policies overlap and diverge.

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Obamaneycare Infographic