ScanWorks Software, Ltd. Introduces RemoteDesktopTwain 4 to Help Businesses Expand Their Cloud Computing Capabilities

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10:39 AM

The recent shift to Cloud Computing and moving document management operations to remote locations allows for reduction of costs. RemoteDesktopTwain 4 is a proven solution to connect your business capture software and scanners in a Terminal Server environment. RemoteDesktopTwain 4 allows security using any local TWAIN compatible scanner via Microsoft RemoteDesktop connection. A scanner is used like it would be locally connected and does not require any leaning or setup. It works with most EMR, patient billing and medical software systems and successfully used by


RemoteDesktopTwain 4 has a user friendly installation, unified interface and requires zero configuration. It provides access to the most commonly used scanner settings:

Flat bed and Feeder paper sources,
Duplex scanning,
Different color format
Paper sizes and resolutions supported by scanner
Built-in Image Enhancement allows drop out or flatten paper background

RemoteDesktopTwain 4 solution is built on top of TwainImporter, a virtual TWAIN driver that is used in more than 10,000 organizations in the Word.

About ScanWorks Software, Ltd.

Founded in 2009, ScanWorks Software, Ltd. has achieved remarkable success in development, sales, and support of document capture tools, virtual Twain drivers and web-based scan solutions. ScanWorks Software products help to scan documents from either scanners or Multi-Functional Devices or import from network shares and folders. For more information, please visit the company's website at

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