MZI HealthCare announces launch of improved EZ-CAP to help improve cost savings and optimize staff productivity

By Industry News Release
09:52 AM

MZI HealthCare, LLC (MZIHC), a leading provider of health plan administration software, announced today the launch of an improved EZ-CAP, MZIHC’s flagship product. In addition to improved functionality, the new EZ-CAP v6.4 browser-based benefits administration software offers three comprehensive enhancements: auto-adjudication, customer service and workflow modules.

The easy-to-use and install EZ-CAP application is a comprehensive solution that helps healthcare organizations manage the complexities of health benefit administration, automate claims and other healthcare transactions, and oversee financial and medical management. The improvements EZ-CAP v6.4 offers will enable users to optimize staff productivity and improve cost savings.

“With the new enhancements to EZ-CAP’s electronic workflow, auto-adjudication and customer service modules, EZ-CAP now delivers greater value than any other solution on the market,” said NC Murthy, CEO of MZIHC. “This powerful v6.4 system enables customers to accomplish all their benefit administration goals, while streamlining business processes, containing costs and enhancing revenues. What’s more, the v6.4 system offers added functionality to its capitation module, which will continually be evaluated and updated to ensure that customers stay current with ever evolving healthcare reform.”

The improved features of EZ-CAP v6.4 offers:

• More enhanced and robust auto-adjudication capabilities.
Clients can increase their auto-adjudication rates for both claims and authorizations. By leveraging the rules-based auto-adjudication capability to its fullest potential, clients can maximize the effectiveness of personnel with increased productivity, improve efficiency in claims processing, and reduce costs. Additionally, EZ-CAP currently supports ICD-10 with improved auto adjudication functionality for the auto approving/denying of claims during the cutover period.

• Improved customer service module makes accessing the data easier and quicker.
The enhanced customer service module makes data flow better. Cosmetic changes to screens help make navigation easier and quicker, data can easily be accessed without having to open multiple screens and documentation can be easily entered. The changes enable users to effectively access the data easier and quicker and record the results through the module. Clients get increased efficiency, as their workforce is able to satisfy callers promptly and effectively, and quickly move to the next call.

• Redesigned workflow module eliminates paperwork, letting users do everything online.
With the enhancements to the workflow module, clients can maximize their workforce’s efficiency. Now, there is no longer a need to run daily work reports for each user. Instead, with just a couple of clicks, users can receive their daily priorities delivered online, eliminating paper, post-its, interdepartmental mail and desk “commuting.”

The workflow module enables users to process records or route online—for example, moving a record from the eligibility users queue to the claims users queue. Additionally, users can build rules based upon data elements—determining member eligibility, for example.

“With the improvements in the EZ-CAP v6.4 clients will be able to optimize staff productivity and save money,” said Doug Bell, product manager. “Additionally, in order to help customers achieve their goals, a suite of advanced products that work seamlessly with EZ-CAP are offered, including EZ-CARE, a comprehensive care management system; EZ-NET, a provider web portal; and EZ-EDI, for electronic HIPAA transactions."

EZ-CAP is competitively priced, easy-to-use, and easy-to-adapt and configure. A leader in benefits administration, EZ-CAP has enabled a host of users to efficiently and cost effectively automate their healthcare administration to suit their evolving requirements and stay in control of their data.

About EZ-CAP
EZ-CAP, the flagship product of MZI HealthCare, LLC, with corporate offices in Longwood, Florida and operations in Valencia, California, is a managed care solution, offering technology to efficiently and cost effectively automate increasingly complex health care administration.

About MZI HealthCare, LLC
MZI HealthCare, LLC (MZIHC), with offices in Longwood, Florida and Valencia, California, is a provider of transformative healthcare solutions to meet new clinical and performance requirements for accountable care and healthcare reform.