Medicity receives patent for data exchange

By Industry News Release
10:20 AM

Medicity announced recently the second patent on its Novo Grid technology. The technology powers the secure exchange of clinical information for more than 750 hospitals and their affiliated physician practices and represents some of the nation's leading health systems.

The award of United States Patent No. 7,953,699 validates the innovative approaches that Medicity has invented and uses today to ensure that physicians have immediate access to critical decision-making information. Data exchanged through the system may include lab results, hospital discharge summaries, radiology reports, medication information, and other critical information necessary to make timely and appropriate decisions for optimal patient health outcomes.

"We pioneered health information exchange," explained Brent Dover, president of Medicity. "Our patented technology is the backbone connecting our nation's most forward-thinking care providers to improve quality and enhance collaboration."

This most recent patent encompasses additional claims on how the Medicity Novo Grid synchronizes and delivers health information between different originating data sources and healthcare participants to make patient information available at the point of care. Novo Grid intelligent software - called 'agent' technology - runs at physician offices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Agents automatically direct data transmission between disparate systems, eliminating the need for individual system-by-system interfaces.

The Medicity Novo Grid then enables seamless delivery of data regardless of the technology used at physician offices. For example, in practices using electronic health record (EHR) systems, source data can be delivered directly into the EHR. In practices still using paper-based records, information can be accessed online via the Web or automatically sent to a printer at the practice location. Clinical information exchange between care team members is essential to achieving new Federal government standards for Meaningful Use of health data and vital to improving patient care quality in America's healthcare delivery system.

"These patents reflect the ongoing innovation at the core of Medicity's culture and our commitment to developing sound, secure and scalable solutions to improve the healthcare experience," said Dover.

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