ImageXpres Announces Surg-i-ScanTM "Digital" Safety Checklist Now Approved for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

By Industry News Release
08:36 AM

ImageXpres Corporation today announced that its Surg-i-Scan "digital" Surgical Safety Checklist system has been approved by Apple Corporation and is now available as an Apple software "app" via the Apple iTunes Online Store. The Surg-i-Scan "digital" surgical safety checklist software has been designed to reinforce and document improved surgical safety protocols in hospitals and outpatient clinics using or considering use of surgical safety checklists during surgical procedures.

John Zankowski, ImageXpres President and CEO, states, "We are extremely pleased that the ImageXpres Surg-i-Scan 'Digital' Surgical Safety Checklist Software App has been fully tested and approved by the Apple software development team, and is now ready for large-scale utilization by hospitals, clinics and physicians' offices. As previously announced, the downloadable software is available as a free, evaluation application by the hospital surgical staff to determine its effectiveness and performance in their own operating rooms.

"We are most confident that doctors and nurses will find the Surg-i-Scan Safety Checklist software extremely useful in its present form, and we are confident that use of the software app by surgeons and nurses will result in major sales of standalone Surg-i-Scan software sales. In addition, we are anticipating sales of hospital-wide client server extensions of the Surg-i-Scan safety checklist software, with certain HIPAA privacy and security features incorporated. Also, a very important result is the expected exponential increase in sales and utilization of physical, analog Surg-i-Scan Safety Checklist boards by hospitals just now considering adoption of a surgical safety checklist protocol."

Mr. Zankowski adds, "Once the hospital surgical team has downloaded and used the free software app, customized Surg-i-Scan software, with requisite enhancements and design fields specific to that institution's approved protocol, it will be licensed to the hospital for a fee, on a one-time, per user basis. ImageXpres will provide all upgrades and support for the software, as well as back-up storage for hospital provider personnel, at a yearly or monthly rate. In the custom Surg-i-Scan software versions, several unique productivity, storage and communication features will be available for hospitals and clinics seeking to incorporate surgical safety checklist protocols into their Electronic Health Record (EHR).

"ImageXpres is working closely with ITX Corporation, a key Apple software development partner, also located in Rochester, NY, along with a number of medical surgical supply organizations, in order to reach thousands of hospitals and deliver custom software, in a timely manner. ImageXpres and ITX have identified major software, hardware systems, and services offerings for the growing healthcare market, beginning with the Surg-i-Scan Safety Checklist System, and both companies expect to capitalize on the competitive product advantages of their strategic business relationship. ImageXpres recently announced the hiring of a lead apple software developer, and the company is in the process of becoming a certified Apple software developer.

"The U.S. market is estimated at over $25 million annually, based upon the number of surgical operating suites, and could reach over $100 million annually by 2012. The market for other invasive procedures where safety checklists are used, such as IV / Transfusions, emergency room, diagnostic procedures, labor/delivery, is ten times as large.

"ImageXpres currently manufactures and markets analog, custom-designed Surg-i-Scan Safety Checklist boards for operating rooms, and the new digital software product will augment the effectiveness of the analog Surg-i-Scan Safety Checklist boards, providing valuable documentation of all surgical procedures on an ongoing, daily basis. As an example of the synergy between digital and analog surgical safety checklist products, ImageXpres has been working with a Texas hospital consortium, designing and manufacturing custom analog surgical safety checklist boards, and the digital software version can provide effective, timely documentation of the improvements generated by use of surgical safety checklists within the group."

Mr. Zankowski, concludes, "We are very excited about the availability of our Surg-i-Scan 'digital' Safety Checklist product, as it is one is one that truly can benefit every hospital and surgical suite no matter where they are located. The WHO study has documented the benefits of surgical safety checklists for hospitals and patients, in terms of lowered deaths and lowered surgical procedural errors, thus saving lives and improving healthcare delivery. Our Surg-i-Scan 'digital' Surgical Safety Checklist product is unique in the industry, and now makes it affordable and easy for any hospital, in any country, to test out the usefulness of a surgical safety checklist process, and make immediate improvements in patient safety. Our goal is to make the digital checklist very affordable for millions of hospital providers, thus generating strong market pull for this unique, patient safety product."