Caduceus Software Systems Corp. plans to integrate a cloud platform with its software systems

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Caduceus Software Systems Corp. (OTCBB:CSOC) - (The Company), is pleased to inform the public of some of its current project and software undertakings. The Company's flagship product, Caduceus MMS version 1.0, is an all-in-one software solution for medical offices which practitioners and medical clerks can use to manage patient bookings, patient private diagnoses and data (also known as Electronic Health Records, or EHR), and process billing (also known as Electronic Medical Billing, or EMB).

The Company believes its cloud computing undertaking is well positioned to take advantage of the demand for cloud services. For example articles such as the following have been written that called the move of health records to the cloud as the "next big thing:"

The current platform is an application which installs onto the office computer terminals and the clerks and practitioner can access it within their private network. However, the Company is now exploring the ability to place the software in a "Cloud" platform, which means that the software is not installed on the private network, but rather installed on a dedicated server on the internet.

Because Caduceus MMS is an EHR system, the uptime and server reliabilities are very important. The general benefits of cloud computing are as follows:

the software will be hosted elsewhere.
the uptime and the monitoring of the software would be easier, and allows technicians the ability to access this real-time and they are not required to be physically present at the office to diagnose computer problems.
In addition, the software is hosted on certified machinery and comply with the software and hardware requirements, which makes troubleshooting any issues much easier and it is less likely for software conflicts to break the systems.
With cloud computing the customer is able to connect to the server with any hardware he/she wishes thereby eliminating the requirements of needing to upgrade their entire office systems to use the software.
"The Company is exploring ways to make the software easy to use and accessible and easy for customers to adopt. The Company is exploring cloud service providers and various platforms. We are at the early stages of testing the suitability of Cloud computing," says Derrick Gidden, president of Caduceus Software Systems.

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Caduceus Software Systems Corp. ( is a software company that specializes in developing an all-in-one solution for private practitioners and doctors. We are in the healthcare information management industry. We are headquartered in the United Kingdom, specifically located in the metropolitan city of Birmingham. Our company was created as we saw an urgent need for better patient care throughout the world. General practitioners are using unsophisticated software which acts as more administrative than acting as a time saving tool. We are called Caduceus, which is the well-known insignia used by medical professionals.

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