cloud security compliance

HIMSS Analytics Senior Director of Research Services Bryan Fiekers.

By Gus Venditto 03:55 pm December 01, 2016
The concerns many IT professionals raised about security and compliance issues appear to have been over-stated. HIMSS Analytics will delve into its research in a Dec. 6, 2016 webinar on the topic. 
21st Century Cures Act

The 21st Centuries Cure would provide the National Institutes of Health with $4.8 billion to help advance President Barack Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative, the "Cancer Moonshot" spearheaded by Vice President Joe Biden and Obama's BRAIN Initiative.

By Jessica Davis 01:04 pm December 01, 2016
The largest healthcare-focused legislation since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act contains $6.3 billion in provisions that will fund federal agencies and help speed the arrival of diagnostic tools and disease therapies.
Lutton Roper St. Francis

Hutton's career in healthcare spans 45 years and includes time spent at St. Joseph's and BayCare Health System. 

By Bernie Monegain 12:11 pm December 01, 2016
She succeeds David Dunlap as President and CEO of the South Carolina health system. 

The first study to emerge from the Northwell-Siemens collaboration suggests that advanced "patient-centered" imaging is preferred in acute stroke care, leading to improved long-term health outcomes, researchers say.

By Mike Miliard 11:38 am December 01, 2016
Siemens will offer funding and research support over the next four years to Northwell's Imaging Clinical Effectiveness and Outcomes Research Program. It will also commit full-time employees to work with Northwell on its population health management initiatives.
By Bernie Monegain 11:08 am December 01, 2016
Experian sees healthcare as particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks because medical identity theft remains so lucrative and relatively easy for hackers to exploit – and they continue to find markets for reselling patient data.
Best Hospital IT 2016
By Gus Venditto 10:38 am December 01, 2016
A webinar featuring the CIOs of two award-winning hospitals will share their thoughts about how to improve morale and inspire their staffs. 
open source machine learning

Health Catalyst director of data science Levi Thatcher said that the intention of open sourcing is to encourage collaboration for outcome improvement.

By Bernie Monegain 08:01 am December 01, 2016
The company said its goal is to make healthcare outcomes improvement accessible to all and, in turn, boost collaboration industrywide.
21st Century Cures Act
By Jeff Lagasse 07:42 am December 01, 2016
The bill allocates billions in new funding for Precision Medicine, Cancer moonshot and BRAIN initiatives and includes provisions to bring new medicines to market is also expected to pass the Senate next week. 
CIOs project managers qualified

Enterprise Resource Performance executive consultant Richard Verrill said that many CIOs are not adequately training project managers to understand nuances particular to healthcare. 

By Bill Siwicki 07:17 am December 01, 2016
And while health IT leaders say they have problems finding qualified people, the fact is they are not making the investments they need to train and develop project managers, says a HIMSS17 speaker.
By Jessica Davis 03:35 pm November 30, 2016
The virus first appeared in 2014, but reared its head again in August. It's since created a more sophisticated attack method, which has compromised more than 13,000 devices a day.

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