By Tom Sullivan 02:57 pm February 03, 2016
Steve Sisko, aka @Shimcode on Twitter, did not originally embark down the path toward healthcare IT. His primary career choice, rather, was in the field of aviation technology.
San Diego Health Connect health information exchange said it has turned its performance around using identity validation technology.
By Bill Siwicki 02:40 pm February 03, 2016
After facing an unacceptable 70 percent patient matching rate, the San Diego Health Connect health information exchange said it has turned its performance around using identity validation technology to better match patients and in the process clean up its master patient index. Its current patient matching rate is 98 percent.
Mercy places drugs in one of four categories: on the formulary and available from order sets; on the formulary but not available from order sets; restricted to a specific disease state or provider type; and neither on the formulary nor in order sets
By Bernie Monegain 01:44 pm February 03, 2016
Cincinnati, Ohio-based Mercy Health has saved more than $42 million on drugs since 2010 by building a formulary within its electronic health record platform.
doctor using tablet
By AmericanWell 08:40 pm February 02, 2016
(SPONSORED) Telehealth technologies are on the rise. For hospitals and providers, telehealth enables more frequent connections with existing patients, and the ability to reach new patients in new markets. Here are the top ten questions providers ask when considering telehealth.
By Mike Miliard 08:35 pm February 02, 2016
Since his days as executive editor at WIRED magazine, which he led to a dozen National Magazine Awards in as many years, science journalist Thomas Goetz has been driven by a key question: "How are industries tipping in the face of information technology?"
By Kaiser Health News 08:04 pm February 02, 2016
A healthcare startup made a wild pitch to Cara Waller, CEO of the Newport Orthopedic Institute in Newport Beach. The company said it could get patients more engaged by "automating" physician empathy. It "almost made me nauseous," she said. How can you automate something as deeply personal as empathy?
Doctor on Demand's telemedicine platform connects patients with care providers.
By Jessica Davis 06:34 pm February 02, 2016
Doctor on Demand has expanded its telemedicine platform to include board-certified psychiatrists, the company announced on Tuesday.
Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was the surprise winner in the Iowa Caucus on Monday.
By Henry Powderly 04:33 pm February 02, 2016
Hillary Clinton won a slim victory over Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucus on Monday while Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz upset boisterous billionaire Donald Trump to win the bulk of his party's delegates. Either way, the results were a bit of a surprise as both parties' frontrunners seemed much more vulnerable than thought.
A rendering of the Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation hub, slated to open in 2018 in Denver.
By Bernie Monegain 04:27 pm February 02, 2016
The Medical Group Management Association, which represents medical practice leaders across the country, has signed up for space in the Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation development, a new healthcare technology hub in Denver.
EMC director and HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassador Bill Bunting says social media has tremendous potential for healthcare.
By Tom Sullivan 02:37 pm February 02, 2016
You probably already know Bill Bunting as @WTBunting. But even his 13,800 Twitter followers might not know what fuels the HIMSS16 Social Media Ambassador’s passion for, in his words, “shifting the future of healthcare … so that we all have a voice.”

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