Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes. 

By Jeff Lagasse 02:20 pm May 26, 2016
The plaintiff, known only as M.P.B., alleges that Theranos Edison machine produced results that were not accurate. 
By Jessica Davis 11:18 am May 26, 2016
The document outlines eight guidelines for achieving precision medicine principles, including a ‘participant-first’ system.
IBM Watson Health supercomputer big data analytics ONC Paul Tang, MD

Paul Tang, MD, said that working with IBM Watson Health affords him the opportunity to help drive change on a large scale. 

By Bernie Monegain 11:03 am May 26, 2016
The former CMIO of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation made a new move that he said will enable him to help change healthcare in a systemized manner.
CMS Hospital Improvement and Innovation Networks patient safety reduce readmissions

Patrick Conway, MD, CMO of CMS said the HIINs will engage with hospitals, patients and caregivers to institute best practices for patient safety. 

By Jack McCarthy 09:43 am May 26, 2016
Patrick Conway, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said the networks will advance systemic use of proven practices on a national scale. 

University of Texas professor Sriram Vishwanath said that big data analytics must be based on field-tested accuracy and anything less is not worth using.

By Jessica Davis 07:24 am May 26, 2016
Much the way consumer analytics fundamentally improved how products and services are sold, healthcare analytics will one day change the way providers deliver care. But Sriram Vishwanath contends that a lot has to happen before that day comes.
By Jeff Lagasse 07:03 am May 26, 2016
The previously recommended amount was merely a guideline for providers that prefer not to calculate actual costs, the Office for Civil Rights clarified. 

One of the bill's main features is turning back the clock - for some facilities - on a policy of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015.

By Susan Morse 04:31 pm May 25, 2016
The U.S. House Ways and Means Committee has passed the "Helping Hospitals Improve Patient Care Act," a bill that, among other things, aims to provide financial relief to hospitals that were in the process of building off-campus outpatient centers in 2015 when reimbursement policy changed.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons. 

By Jessica Davis 03:19 pm May 25, 2016
Part of the Helping Hospitals Improve patient Care Act, the amendment also exempts ambulatory surgical centers from MIPS through 2017 and 2018.

Mount Sinai, in New York City, is embarking on a four year project to enhance facilities for new models of care and population health.

By Bernie Monegain 01:17 pm May 25, 2016
The network will modernize facilities to embrace a new model of care that is more efficient and strengthen its focus on population health and integrating research about genomics and digital medicine for personalized treatments.

Apixio CEO Darren Schulte, MD, said the company intends to use the venture capital to create new applications for care and quality measurement and applied data science.

By Tom Sullivan 12:40 pm May 25, 2016
The data science company said it will use the investment money to develop applications for care and quality measurement. 

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