Unisys unveils medical device management platform

The security, analytics and cloud infrastructure vendor has launched Active Insights, which aims to provide healthcare organizations with a secure, integrated approach to managing medical devices.
By Bill Siwicki
09:01 AM
Unisys medical device management

Unisys president of enterprise solutions Eric Hutto said the new Active Insights platform can help hospitals address some of the most common device management challenges. 

Unisys has debuted Active Insights, an integrated medical device management platform that is designed to provide healthcare and life sciences organizations with the ability to seamlessly monitor all of the medical devices within their organizations.

Based on Unisys Stealth micro-segmentation security software, the Active Insights platform monitors devices from a single point of contact, enabling healthcare and life sciences organizations to track medical device performance and maintenance, report device problems, locate and manage assets and ensure regulatory compliance, Unisys said.

"Active Insights represents the latest software-led solution from Unisys combining both our extensive healthcare industry expertise and our leading-edge security technology," said Eric Hutto, president of enterprise solutions at Unisys. "Active Insights helps healthcare organizations address common device management challenges such as misplaced or out-of-service devices, which not only represent lost revenue but also impacts the ability of providers to deliver timely, quality care."

Providers face some critical challenges in medical device management, including adequate device performance monitoring, turning data into coordinated patient care, and managing assets strewn across multiple geographies, languages and regulations, Unisys said.

The new Active Insights platform addresses these challenges, Unisys said, by providing healthcare organizations with capabilities including: a health desk for both medical device and general IT support, the Universal Device Identification and active RFI tracking for quick device location, Unisys integrated analytics capabilities to facilitate adaptive performance and a so-called traceable workflow to make device data more transparent.

"Active Insights represents the inception of our new, rapid development approach, creating solutions that enable clients to actively look inside and gain a deeper understanding of their internal business processes," said Jeff Livingstone, vice president and global head of Unisys’ life sciences and healthcare vertical. "The need is particularly acute with industrial systems and processes that either exhibit large amounts of latency or involve highly dispersed objects. These areas are attractive to cybercriminals, and unfortunately include healthcare information systems and medical devices."

Considering the overwhelming pressure providers are under to protect human lives during cyberattacks, as well as the potential widespread violation of patients' trust and loss of institutional reputation, it is imperative that providers and medical device manufacturers find ways to better illuminate data and device management, and that they do so in ways that afford maximum security, Livingstone added. 

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