Trinitas gives IT pros critical tools

Trinitas tries to “focus on the overall employee."
By Tom Sullivan
02:48 PM

IT workers at Trinitas Regional Medical Center know that anyone coming to the hospital is not happy to be there, and CIO Judy Comitto understands that makes the job harder – and perhaps more rewarding.

That reality is also part of the reason Trinitas tries to “focus on the overall employee,” Comitto explains, by giving them the resources they need and allowing them to determine how to do the job well.

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“There are policies, they’re educated on the policies, they know what they need to do,” Comitto says, “but they need to make their job work well and we give them license on how to actually do that.”

Indeed, despite the strain of meeting meaningful use Stage 1 and girding to attest to Stage 2 by October, an initiative that Trinitas’ IT manages entirely, the shop has an extremely low turnover: Comitto says only one person has left, and that was to move to California.  

“The icing on the cake is when IT workers get a great thank you card from a user,” she says. “That’s a big plus here. It helps make people self-motivated and we encourage that.”

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