On stage at Maine’s HIE, Todd Rogow directs

Todd Rogow, director of Maine’s HealthInfoNet, discusses some details with Maria Stevenson, administrative coordinator for the exchange.

Todd Rogow does double duty for health information technology in Maine. As director of IT for HealthInfoNet, Maine’s statewide health information exchange, he provides the technology expertise and leadership for health data exchange across the state, and he also serves as director of Maine’s regional extension center (REC), which is tasked with bringing physicians on board with electronic health records.

Exchange executives recently announced a new milestone ¬– the start of image-sharing across the state, probably the first HIE in the country to exchange images at this scale (see page TK). As director of IT for the HIE, Rogow redesigned both the makeup of HealthInfoNet’s clinical exchange system architecture and vendor mix while reducing annual operational expenses by 60 percent.

Before joining HealthInfoNet as its fifth employee, Rogow led project teams of up to 300 people for Northrop Grumman, working on nationally recognized programs such as the Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application (AHLTA), the largest electronic health record system in the world.

Rogow has provided business and consulting services to a range of Fortune 100 companies, including defense, telecommunications, manufacturing, and natural resource industries.

Rogow hails from Vermont, and was always eager to return to New England, he says. He and his wife have two children, ages two and four, which leaves little time for non-work activities, but he enjoys wildlife photography, gardening and running.

Q: Why IT?

A: IT in general has provided me an opportunity to work across many industry sectors. I have enjoyed the challenge of solving complex organizational problems by leveraging technology to streamline business processes and provide customer-facing services.

Q: Why health IT?

A: I enjoy health IT because it applies cutting-edge technology to save lives and improve the quality of healthcare overall. It is satisfying to help clinicians and empower patients in the treatment process.

Q: What drew you to your work at HealthInfoNet?

A: HealthInfoNet’s success and broad stakeholder support in standing up one of the very first clinical exchanges in the United States was attractive. Also, having to chance to work with a visionary like Devore Culver, past CIO of Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems, played into my decision to join HealthInfoNet. I was employee number five, and today we have grown to 15. Having an opportunity to be part of a growing company and help to shape its growth added some extra challenge and excitement to joining HealthInfoNet.

Q: What has been your greatest challenge so far as HealthInfoNet’s director of IT?