Shoppers with a mission flock to exhibit floor

By Patty Enrado
12:00 AM

ORLANDO – With federal and state health IT initiatives being developed or fine-tuned, and hospitals, IDNs and physician practices either planning or deploying health IT projects in the last year, expect the exhibit floor to be even more crowded than ever. Indeed, our exclusive poll of HIMSS08 pre-registered attendees found that nearly seven in every 10 attendees was going to the show to “research vendors/products for upcoming IT project.”

The 850+ exhibitors – more than 175 will be exhibiting at HIMSS08 for the first time – should expect to see serious shoppers at the 2008 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition.

“We are in the process of researching an EHR for our 26-hospital system that also meets the needs of our tremendously large outpatient community,” Gerald Engel director of health services for the New York State Office of Mental Health.

HIMSS’ electronic medical record category of exhibitors has eight subcategories and more than 100 companies demonstrating their systems and components in this always popular health IT product.

 “We are beginning to plan for a core hospital system replacement and HIMSS is always an invaluable resource to see vendor products,” said Alice Cronin, administrator of information services for Nyack Hospital, a 375-bed community acute-care medical and surgical center located in Rockland County.


“There are so many HIMSS New Products from a hardware and software perspective that it’s sometimes overwhelming to do the research necessary and to identify core and secondary components,” she added. “HIMSS presents a unique opportunity to in a sense ‘go window shopping.’”

No where else can an attendee on the lookout for a specific product see most of the companies in that market in one venue. With 220+ companies showcasing HIMSS New Products and services at HIMSS08, expect innovation throughout the exhibit floor.

“Everyone says that HIMSS is the place to learn about cutting-edge technology solution,” said Lynn Sherman, chief financial officer at of New York City-based Charles B. Wang Community Health Center.

“I need to know what’s current and what’s available so that we stay ahead of the curve and make sound business decisions,” said Lynda Anderson, wellness coordinator for Louisville, Ky.-based Kindred Healthcare.

For people like Jaap van der Heijden, senior director of HIT for Philips Research Europe, HIMSS New Products is just one of the reasons he’s at the annual conference: “HIMSS is the place to be to meet colleagues and listen to new developments. Also see new product (features) in practice,” he said.

    ABS System Consultants

Booth 2812


ABS Systems’ HospitalMetrics business intelligence software solution is designed to address the specific performance monitoring and management needs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. HospitalMetrics integrates data from any data source - Admission, Discharge and Transfer systems, electronic health records, patient satisfaction surveys and clinical systems. By combining clinical, statistical, financial and operational data, the HospitalMetrics Web-based dashboards, scorecards and pre-defined reports help healthcare leaders make better and timelier decisions.

    Absolute Medical Software Systems

Booth 3029


Absolute Medical Software Systems introduces our free EMR Software Package. No annual maintenance, no startup costs, no IT costs, no long-term contract, no phone support fees! All you pay for is a small fee per-patient visit for electronic eligibility, claims editing and claims submission.

    Accenx Technologies, Inc.

Booth 5542


Accenx’s RyTRAK HIE solution allows hospitals, laboratories, clinical departments, ambulatory businesses, public health agencies, payers and physician practices to participate in a health information exchange with all others across the healthcare community. Accenx’s innovative EMR strategy electronically delivers any electronic patient data to physician EMRs, meeting physicians’ high demand of real-time clinical information, while offering the healthcare community the extraordinary benefits of a connected healthcare. RyTRAK HIE is built for efficient and rapid deployment.


Booth 8052


Access is pleased to offer Nuggetts, a state-of-the-art asset management and tracking software for today’s dynamic healthcare facilities. Nuggetts provides the healthcare enterprise with real-time information on an extensive array of fixed and soft assets. A proven, turn-key system, Nuggetts is the asset management solution your facility will never outgrow.

    ActiveStrategy, Inc.

Booth 3731

ActiveStrategy Enterprise 7.0

ActiveStrategy Enterprise (ASE) is a SaaS (software as a service) solution that automates strategic dashboards and Balanced Scorecards. Going far beyond reporting, the software is actually used by executives, managers, and front-line staff to manage strategic performance and improve overall outcomes. Version 7.0 provides new capabilities to link and drill down through a Balanced Scorecard framework, all the way from top-level strategic objectives, to their driving objectives and measures below and across the organization.

    Acuitec, LLC

Booth 5283


VPIMS is a comprehensive surgical information management system. It is time-tested, clinician developed, rapidly deployed and offers comprehensive functionality across the entire continuum of perioperative care, from scheduling the patient for pre-operative analysis and surgery through to PACU and discharge. VPIMS optimizes operational and clinical outcomes, and proactively monitors metrics like on-time case starts, billing accuracy and timeliness, staff productivity and quality of care, which results in improved performance across these key indicators.


    Adobe Systems, Inc.

Booth 4214

Adobe Livecycle Enterprise Suite

Adobe LiveCycle ES (Enterprise Suite) software is an integrated J2EE server solution that blends electronic forms, process management, document security, and document generation to help you create and deliver rich and engaging applications that reduce paperwork, accelerate decision-making, and help ensure regulatory compliance.

    Advances in Technology

Booths 8255, 8354

3D TelePresence

3D TelePresence refers to a set of technologies that allow a person to feel as if they were present or give the appearance that they are present at a place other than their actual location. 3D TelePresence Solutions can dramatically enhance the standard video conferencing experience so the participants feel like they are truly “there.” This is especially valuable in healthcare environments, allowing doctors and patients to truly “see” each other, with true eye contact, even from remote locations.


Booth 2335

Temperature Monitoring- Wireless

Safe temperature ranges for patient test samples, organs, vaccines, drugs, blood bags, food and pharmaceuticals are ensured through an easy-to-deploy automated wireless monitoring and alert system. AeroScout’s temperature-sensing Wi-Fi tags help hospitals improve patient care, safety, staff efficiency and regulatory compliance.

    AFC Industries, Inc.

Booth 2510

Point of Care Carts

Point of Care Carts, wall mounts, electronically height adjustable consoles. Room layouts.

    Agfa HealthCare Corp.

Booth 7763

IMPAX Data Center

The IMPAX Data Center provides multi-media storage and distribution to clinicians, supporting the continuity of patient care. The IMPAX Suites and third party PACS all can work together in a highly integrated enterprise infrastructure that allows each professional within the healthcare enterprise to work according to his or her own requirements, simultaneously sharing information and maintaining a seamless workflow. IMPAX Data Center strictly adheres to the IHE (Integrating the HealthCare Enterprise) framework.


    ALERT Life Sciences Computing

Booth 451


ALERT ERP is the alert solution for financial and human resources management based on Microsoft Dynamics platform.

    Ambir Technology

Booth 3675

DS685 Duplex ID Scanner with Adobe PDF Scan Technology

Simultaneously scan both sides of a driver’s license, identity or insurance card in one pass, with the Ambir DS685 duplex ID card scanner. Featuring a 1.5mm wide paper path, the DS685 adeptly handles even the most challenging scan jobs, including raised, embossed characters. Ideal for capturing driver’s license and ID data at healthcare facility admissions, hospitality registration, point of sale environments and financial institutions -- anywhere customers or clients need to provide identity data. Compatible with Windows Vista.

    AMICAS, Inc.

Booth 6951

Vision Series PACS

AMICAS will demonstrate Vision Series PACS Version 5.5 at HIMSS 2008. Version 5.5 introduces major enhancements to the industry leading RealTime Worklist, including role-based workflow management. Also included are extended Vision Watch reporting capabilities and new advanced high availability options. Role-based workflow management: For the radiologist, this means optimized reading patterns and enhanced communication. For the technologist, this means instantaneous awareness of where patients are in the imaging process. For the referring physician, this means quicker results.

    Amico Accessories, Inc.

Booth 1828

Wall mount workstations

Amico Accessories, Inc. is an industry leader in equipment mounting solutions for all medical applications including PCs, flat panel displays, keyboards, laptops and much more. Our product line offers not only the most ergonomic products, but also the most innovative and aesthetically appealing to help your facility provide the best bedside care.


    Anthro Corporation

Booth 720

eNook Pro

eNook Pro, the wall-mounted, lockable workstation for LCDs and laptops for EMR. The eNook Pro is a secure wall-mounted workspace for healthcare. In hospitals where space it at a premium, eNook Pro keeps equipment within reach at the point of care. eNook Pro makes the most of limited space, and is ideal for use as a hallway station, a notebook desk, and walk-up computer workstation.

    Aptiv Technology Partners

Booth 1030

Web Strategies

If your company is seeking to increase market share and/or reduce customer attrition rate, Aptiv Technology Partners can provide predictable online programs that result in low-risk profitable growth on a pay-for-performance basis. Our customer acquisition and retention model is focused around a client’s return on investment. We work with our clients to determine a cost per lead (CPL) or a cost per acquisition (CPA) that delivers lifetime value to a customer at an allowable cost.


Booth 2871

NX10 Mobile Computing WorkStation

Artromick, a leading developer of medication management and healthcare technology solutions for the long-term and acute care markets, will demonstrate the NX10 Mobile Computing WorkStation. Artromick’s new point-of-care computing cart delivers a flexible, light weight, and cost effective solution for bedside data management that greatly benefits nurses, IT staff and administrators.


Booth 1975

Freeset IP-DECT

The IP-DECT system utilizes industry standard TDM and VoIP telephony interfaces to provide a fully integrated wireless communication platform. Seamless call handover and automatic roaming features ensure reliability for mobile users. The Freeset IP-DECT solution consists of two system types. IP-DECT base stations is a wireless VoIP offering that utilizes the existing Ethernet infrastructure while the IP-DECT Gateway offering provides a completely dedicated wired and wireless platform eliminating any dependency on the Ethernet infrastructure.


    ASG Software Solutions

Booth 7752

Business Service Platform (BSP)

ASG’s Business Service Platform (BSP) is a solution for companies that want to manage their underlying technology and ensure that their IT infrastructure enhances business performance. ASG’s BSP advances the concept of Business Service Management (BSM) software by using a sophisticated engine to collect information on IT assets and relates those assets to overall business services.

    AudioCARE Systems   

Booth 4347

Lab Results Messaging (AudioNOTES)

Our new AudioNOTES/Lab Results Messaging allows providers to leave messages for patients in a secure mailbox. Patients can easily call the system to retrieve their messages using their secure PIN. The AudioNOTES Outbound feature offers an automated alerting function to tell patients there is a message waiting for them.

    Availity LLC

Booth 2340


Availity supports healthcare service payment via card swipe, including combination member ID cards for high deductible plans, debit cards, and credit cards. This service is offered to providers in multiple regions. Availity CareCollect is an efficiency tool designed to improve payment processing for your practice -- right where and when you need them the most! Via the Availity secure Web portal, your staff can process patient payments for all of your changing payment situations.


Booth 929

Avocare RHIN Solution

Avocare’s Regional Health Information Network (RHIN) is a community based hardware and software system that brings medical information together letting healthcare providers share patient records and communicate securely. The powerful combination of our Core RHIN Platform and customizable RHIN Applications offer a comprehensive electronic replacement to paper and phone communications currently used by the healthcare community. We offer a proven RHIN solution that is both cost effective and that can help bring sustainability to your HIE efforts.


    Axolotl Corporation

Booth 3451

Healthcare Connected

Axolotl Corp is pleased to present Healthcare Connected. This unique program is a strategic partnership between you and Axolotl to ensure interoperability between your EMR/EHR solution and other EMR/EHR/HIE products. As more and more communities embark on health information exchange projects, the demand for interoperability is increasing. To be competitive, EMR/EHR solutions must respond to this growing requirement. The Healthcare Connected program is Axolotl’s partnership solution that helps you respond to the current interoperability needs.

    B. Braun Medical Inc.

Booth 351

DoseTrac Infusion Management Software

B. Braun Medical Inc. will showcase enhanced capabilities for its DoseTrac Infusion Management Software at the HIMSS 2008 Interoperability Showcase. With the ability to monitor, trend, report and manage the IV administration process, DoseTrac provides both end users and hospital information management systems with real-time and retrospective information to ensure patient safety.


Booth 876

BayScribe in a Box!

Finally, a complete, fault-tolerant dictation & transcription system that you can pay-for-as-you-go and maintain the server in your data center -- BayScribe in a Box! No more enormous hardware investments or maintenance agreements.

    BidShift, Inc.

Booth 5782


BidShift’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise solution positions healthcare organizations to streamline staffing management and cultivate a world-class work environment. Our next-generation staffing approach aligns workforce needs with data driven decision making to enable new levels of financial and operational performance. The company serves leading organizations across the United States to realize cost savings, enhance employee satisfaction, and advance clinical quality and patient care.



Booth 1230

Image Indexing 2.0

FAXCOM Image Indexing is an application for processing document images as part of a business workflow where roles are assigned to perform specific functions. In a typical
workflow, document images progress from role to role based on information specified in data entry fields. In response to the data entry, Image Indexing updates the status of the image and, if specific criteria have been met, transitions the image from role to role.

    Bluemark, LLC

Booth 4876


MAPSch utilizes dynamic Web technology to provide a mechanism for providers to manage the complex eligibility assessment process for charity care and Medicaid. By accurately identifying eligibility at point of service, the solution maximizes reimbursement and cost recoveries, ensures compliance with internal and state policies, increases staff productivity, and quantifies community benefits.

    Bowe Bell & Howell Scanners

Booth 4476

Spectrum XF Series

Built on a proven platform, Spectrum XF scanners feature an unrivaled combination of durability, productivity and speed. Its superior camera and onboard VirtualReScan 4.1 technology enable fast, reliable capture and forms processing for healthcare organizations.

    BridgeWave Communications

Booth 3821

Gigabit Wireless Bridge

BridgeWave’s 256-bit key length Advance Encryption Standard (AES) option provides the strongest commercial encryption available -- secure enough to even protect ‘top secret’ classified information. The BridgeWave AES implementation has been certified to meet FIPS government security standards, so you can be confident that your wireless data is fully protected as key part of your HIPAA-compliant network. BridgeWave’s encryption implementation operates at full gigabit line speed and adds only a mere two µsec of traffic latency.


    Brother International

Booth 2801

Color Laser Printer

HL4070cdw: Up to 21ppm color and monochrome printing automatic duplex printing wireless and Ethernet network interfaces.

    Burton Medical Products

Booth 5682

Maximum Arm System

The Maximum arm series has been developed specifically for use with monitors and patient terminals. Please visit our booth and check out the 1500mm long reach and perfect balance of these arms.


Booth 3579


The CapMed onlinePHR (OPHR) makes personal health information both meaningful and actionable for consumers. Features include personalized education, reminders, and alerts, as well the ability for users to grant access to all or part of their PHR, monitor access, and revoke at any time. OPHR is modular in design, enabling personalized services, content and branding to be integrated from our partners. Additionally OPHR supports tangible extensions including mobile phone, USB flash-drive, and CD-ROM. Consumers receive a unique Web address for accessing securely stored information, and providing access to emergency personnel.

    Cardiopulmonary Corp.

Booth 445

Bernoulli Enterprise

Cardiopulmonary Corp. offers real-time enterprise patient safety monitoring dedicated to decreasing the number of preventable adverse events or deaths by acquiring, displaying and distributing alarms and data from most medical devices including monitors, ventilators, and pumps. Capabilities include reports and event logs, with integration to EMR systems via HL7.


    CareNav Health Solutions

Booth 3830

After Visit Summary

CareNav’s After Visit Summaries, health messaging, and personal health records can be used to help patients manage their chronic conditions. Our patient information management system allows patients to see their diagnosis, prescribed medications, test results, upcoming lab tests and procedures. Patients can see their physician recommendations indexed to the latest evidence-based health content.

    CareEvolution, Inc.

Booth 7363


HIEBus, our health information exchange technology platform, provides links to existing laboratory, pharmacy, EMR and claims management systems to “share” clinical information in a secure, reliable and incremental manner. HIEBus also allows states and municipalities to leverage existing administrative data sets (Medicaid, UB92, HCFA1500 among others) which are largely electronic to construct a core patient history for entire populations. A Web based portal support authentication, authorization, visualization and audit of the patient history for first responders, emergency and disaster management situations, and non-EMR enabled providers.

    Carefx Corporation

Booth 2677


Fusion Web is a browser-accessible, context sensitive workspace that provides an aggregate view of patient data. Built on the open and scalable Fusion Interoperability platform, Fusion Web queries an organization’s information silos for any information regarding a selected patient, encounter or observation. Within seconds, a unified view of information relevant to the clinical task at hand is presented in a format that is conducive to the particular user’s medical specialty and workflow.

    Carestream Health

Booth 4248

Kodak Carestream Information Management Solutions

Carestream Health is highlighting Kodak Carestream Information Management Solutions (IMS) that manage archived radiology images, display DICOM and non-DICOM data and consolidate fixed content information such as scanned patient documents, reports, audio clips, e-mail and video files into a central data repository. These capabilities are available on enterprise-wide and regional levels. These solutions can be integrated with a customer’s existing storage area network or network-attached storage systems.



Booth 2135


ChipSoft introduces the latest version of the ChipSoft Health Care Information System, CS-HCIS 4.10. ChipSoft is continuously innovating their software and keeps a close eye on market developments. The CS-Careportal puts transmural care within reach. With an online interface GPs can consult patient files, physicians can work from remote computers and patients can plan appointments and fill out their case history themselves.

    Citizen Systems America CorpORATION

Booth 2233

CL-S700 Barcode/Label Printer

The CL-S700 series is built with durability and ease of access in mind. Featuring a large, programmable LCD control panel and a revolutionary Cross-Emulation control board that allows the printer to switch from Datamax to Zebra emulations at the touch of a button, the CL-S700 is designed for years of service. The CL-S700 also supports the ZPLII printer-control language used in Cerner, McKesson, EPIC, CPSI and HMS environments.

    Citrix Systems, Inc.

Booth 4127

Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer enables businesses to deploy high-performance Windows and Linux virtual machines rapidly and easily, and to manage them and their related storage and networking resources from a single easy-to-use management console. Xen is a unique open source technology invented by a team led by Ian Pratt at the University of Cambridge and developed cooperatively by the world’s best engineers at over 20 of the most innovative data center solution vendors. With Xen virtualization, a thin software layer (known as the Xen hypervisor) is installed directly on the hardware, or “bare metal,” and is thereby inserted between the server’s hardware and the operating system.

    ClientTell, Inc.

Booth 3534

Automated Appointment Reminders

Automated phone reminders to patients with the ability to confirm or cancel their appointment. Customizable script. Nothing to buy or install. Free trial.


Booth 3114


AccelFind is a central clinical data repository, analysis and management system that extracts transcribed files, such as discharge letters, op-notes and office-notes and convert its clinical content into fully structured and searchable database. AccelFind facilitates research projects collaboration, investigators recruitment and patients enrollment via its proprietary technology and integrated services. AccelFind is .NET Web-based, fully customizable, boasts fast integration, and enables any number and type of specialties to collaborate.



Booth 2707

Clinical Data Extraction Tool

CodeRyte’s new clinical data extraction tool uses natural language processing technology to convert data found within an organization’s medical reports into useful and accessible information. It enables cost effective decision support and in-depth clinical research with more affordability and granularity. By leveraging the data found through the new tool, healthcare professionals can create new paths toward discovery and enhance organizational efficiency.

    Cogent Health Solutions

Booth 2406

Equicare CS

Equicare CS is a patient-centric, Web-enabled solution for management of cancer survivors, post treatment. Equicare CS integrates with the health provider’s oncology information and/or hospital information system, through HL7 interface and provides for on-going patient management towards better outcomes and improved quality of life.


Booth 2431

Visitor Manager Solutions

Full range of solutions, from time-expiring badges to software-based management of visitors. ID printer systems and biometrics for positive identification and fraud avoidance.

    Comark Corporation

Booth 1401

10774 Wide Screen Nurse Call Station

Features of our 19” wide screen nurse call station include: durable yet lightweight aluminum enclosure,19” wide screen 250 NIT LCD, 1440 x 900 high resolution, touch screen capability, dual speakers, Intel M Series computing,Windows XP or Embedded operating system, USB- voice over IP phone, extensive I/O ((2)LAN,(3)RS232,(4) USB,keyboard and mouse,Digital I/O ports. This product is scheduled to be UL864 9th edition recognized in Spring of 2008.



Booth 6773

Study Routing Management

Compressus will announce several MEDxConnect product line expansions at HIMSS, including the introduction of the innovative Study Routing Management, which permits radiologists to review and diagnose any study from any workstation on the enterprise network. The advanced new routing by the MEDxConnect Medical Message Mediator (the M3) in conjunction with the MEDxConnect Virtual Worklist is capable of putting the right studies and information at the right place automatically. The study will be supported by appropriate pre-fetched historical studies, all appropriate historical data, reports, orders, etc..


Booth 4184

TrueSight End User Monitor

Coradiant’s TrueSight product family captures and securely stores all data from every online visit from every user. User data, combined with advanced tools and reports, help IT teams troubleshoot Web problems, ensure customer service levels, and see how changes impact users.

    CPS Healthcare, Inc.

Booth 1131

Medical and Document Image Management Suite, MIDIS

CPS Healthcare, Inc. announces the release of its new Medical Image & Document Integration Suite, MIDIS. Clinicians access, view and manipulate their patients’ relevant medical images, documents and information throughout the enterprise and beyond to enhance treatment, enable remote consultation, eliminate unnecessary duplicate studies/costs while also increasing patient safety.

    Craneware, Inc.

Booth 2731

Pharmacy ChargeLink

Craneware’s Pharmacy ChargeLink helps hospitals promote appropriate pricing, accurate billing, and optimal reimbursement for facility-dispensed medications. By establishing and maintaining a connection between your pharmaceutical purchase history and your charge description master, Pharmacy ChargeLink gives you full visibility from purchasing all the way to reimbursement.

    Curbell Electronics, Inc.

Booth 636

Silent Paging System

Comfort Call silent paging systems for waiting rooms. It’s quiet, quick and confidential.

    Cygnus, Inc.

Booth 1935

Wall mounted patient area computer and charting stations.

Cygnus is presenting its new cabinet solutions for two Motion Computing Tablet PCs. Patient area cabinetry allows the tablet to be stored and charged while remaining in the immediate care zone. Cygnus provides custom patient-room charting stations, storage and work stations designed for form, function and flow. We anticipate the needs of healthcare facilities and help relieve their intense workloads by designing in-room computer areas and medical storage solutions that keep caregivers close to the patients.


Booth 2230

SafetyNet: Data Loss Prevention for Healthcare

CynergisTek is pleased to introduce its SafetyNet Data Loss Prevention Solutions for Healthcare, powered by Code Green Networks. An affordable, appliance-based solution with available supporting services, CynergisTek and Code Green Networks bring extensive capabilities that meet operational needs and compliance mandates including content inspection, Web mail filtering, policy and incident management to identify and report violations by content type, sender, recipient, policy and network protocol.

    D2 Sales, LLC

Booth 5585

Patient Passport Kiosk

D2 Sales designs and manufactures the Patient Passport, a self-service touch screen kiosk for patient check-in, co-pay and payment processing for hospitals and medical clinics. D2 kiosks have been used in facilities nationwide and are proven to streamline the check-in process, improving the overall patient experience.


    Data Distributing

Booth 1981

DISCO (Digital Secure Copy)

DISCO is a bundled hardware and software solution that provides digital patient chart copies for the medical records department. Although DISCO itself is not an EMR, it has functionality that closely parallels that of EMRs. DISCO can interface with an EMR, it can interface directly with an HIS, or can be deployed in an all-paper record environment.

    DataFirst Corporation

Booth 1029

RealTime Blu-ray Archive

DataFirst Corp., a leader in DICOM image storage and data migration, introduces the Real Time Blu-ray Archive as the newest member of its product family. The Real Time Blu-ray Archive helps facilities manage and retrieve patient data on demand for each modality in their enterprise while automatically preserving a second copy of all data to Blu-ray media. The solution was designed specifically to compliment DICOM servers and automate the complex role of tiered storage.

    DB Technology

Booth 4442

RAS (Report Automation System) 3.28

DB Technology announces the release of its latest version of its flagship software, Report Automation System (RAS). Designated RAS 3.28, this latest product release represents significant innovations to its software suite which is already deployed in hundreds of hospitals nationwide where it enables data from varied computer systems and applications to reside in RAS for easy, fast and unencumbered access. The new RAS 3.28 modules further advance the breakdown of departmental document silos by enabling users to scan a variety of financial and clinical documents.

    DeJarnette Research Systems

Booth 8045


The medical imaging market demands a reliable long-term medical document archive. xDL, the Cross-Enterprise Document Librarian, is the solution to your long-term medical image storage problem, providing a scalable, standards based, PACS and storage vendor agnostic medical document management system that will grow with your organization into the future.

    Design Clinicals, Inc.

Booth 3923


Design Clinicals’s flagship solution, MedsTracker, was designed specifically to improve the medication reconciliation workflow of medical and patient care staff and enables hospitals to quickly become compliant with TJC’s National Patient Safety Goal for medication reconciliation.


    Dictaphone, (Nuance Communications)

Booth 5846


FAXCOM CV Plus is a fully-featured, customer-installable, enterprise-level fax solution that is fully integrated with GE Centricity Physician Office EMR. Users run their FAXCOM CV Plus-integrated GE Centricity Physician Office EMR application to fax prescriptions, letters and documents, select fax recipients from the Centricity Physician Office EMR Contacts list, view the status of their transmitted faxes and resolve any fax transmission errors.

    Digital Identification Solutions

Booth 2481

EDIsecure XID560ie

The single-side EDIsecure XID560ie Professional Retransfer Card Printer was developed for plug-and-play inline encoding and lamination to deliver the right combination of reliability, performance and affordability for printing durable, secure ID cards. It prints on a variety of card materials including PVC, PVH, ABS, PET and Polycarbonate, and is perfect for access cards with uneven surfaces due to embedded chips.

    Digitech Systems

Booth 1407


Enjoy 24/7 online information access without additional investment in hardware, software or IT personnel. Reduce records management costs. Enhance security and HIPAA compliance with on-demand enterprise content management. ImageSilo enables healthcare companies to eliminate the need to send records to doctors and outside specialty practices and ensures patient privacy and trust.


Booth 6145

Fusion Audio ID

Dolbey’s patent pending Fusion Audio ID ensures that physicians dictate on the correct patient and saves the facility time in matching the dictation to the proper report. Fusion Audio ID assists hospitals in fulfilling HIPAA guidelines when outsourcing dictated reports.

    DT Research

Booth 2929

DT520 Rugged Mount Tablet

The WebDT 520 rugged mount tablet features a 12.1” TFT LCD display and is designed for reliable computing in harsh industrial environments. Shock and vibration protection, compliance with MIL STD 810F, as well as IP65 water and dust proof allows the WebDT 520 quality performance in many demanding fields. The fan-less design and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides the highest reliability and durability.



Booth 2701

e-MDs Solution Series

e-MDs Solution Series is an integrated suite of administrative, financial, workflow and clinical software solutions, which help create an efficient paperless medical practice.

    Eclipsys Corporation

Booth 2063

Sunrise Enterprise

Sunrise Enterprise is the Eclipsys suite of solutions that help improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes at key points throughout the healthcare enterprise. The underlying Eclipsys XA architecture and ObjectsPlus/XA application-development technology integrate financial, clinical and access solutions. The new Orders Reconciliation module allows caregivers to reconcile ALL orders related to patient care as patients move between inpatient care, outpatient care and home. Structured notes documentation tools have been enhanced to improve physician satisfaction and efficiency.

    EDCO The Document People

Booth 1275

O2Scan Onsite Scanning Services

Our O2Scan on-site processing service scans charts in hours providing quicker access for coding and chart completion. We provide the equipment, software and manpower to scan for you… right in the hospital. Best of all, we often reduce costs compared to handling paper. If you’re scanning now but are tired of the headaches, we will take over.


Booth 1685


MDAware, our electronic health record system, is Internet-based and CCHIT-certified on 2006 functionality and security criteria. It connects clinical, financial and operational information in real-time across your entire network. Designed to improve patient care and increase practice profitability, MDAware makes it easy for healthcare providers to immediately verify patient identity and eligibility, capture patients’ complete medical histories, securely access and share reliable patient data and boost net revenue.



Booth 5843

Emergin Enterprise Service Bus

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), powered by Emergin, provides standards-based integration across the enterprise. Given that most enterprise organizations have legacy systems that don’t conform to Web services, Emergin provides adapters to help migrate proprietary third party vendors to a common, standards-based XML format. The Enterprise Service Bus is an open, scalable service bus that can be implemented one component service at a time or as an enterprise-wide solution.

    Emergis Inc.

Booth 5543

Oacis Health Data Warehouse

The Oacis Health Data Warehouse is a sophisticated, flexible, analytics platform designed exclusively to support the needs of healthcare management as well as clinical research. It facilitates cross-functional analysis and decision making throughout operational levels and enables management to evaluate performance metrics, trends and reports collaboratively. Executives and clinical leaders have easy access to dashboard views of aggregate data.


Booth 4181

Encentuate Hosted IAM Suite

Encentuate is launching a hosted version of its complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) Suite. With Encentuate, user-centric IAM functions such as enterprise single sign-on, strong authentication, and auditing and compliance services are executed at the enterprise end-points, while establishing integration with back-end provisioning and directory services.

    ENSCO, Inc.

Booth 674

HCI Clinical Studies

HCI Clinical Studies is a clinical discovery solution that allows authorized users to easily and quickly find critical clinical information from unstructured and structured patient content across a population of patients or within given patient encounters. It eliminates the need to read all patient documentation, extracts and organizes all clinically relevant information, exports results to existing reporting tools, and allows communication with providers via a query capability.


Booth 362

Neo-Flex Dual LCD Lift Stand

The affordable Neo-Flex Dual LCD Lift Stand improves productivity by creating an efficient multi-display configuration. Open and view multiple applications and documents at once and eliminate the need for toggling between applications. With its five inches (12.7 cm) of in-tandem height adjustment, this stand enables quick positioning of two LCDs for maximum ergonomic comfort, promoting wellness at the home or in the office.