Public PHR portal in works for New York

Brooklyn startup wins PHR design contest

The New York eHealth Collaborative has announced the winners of its personal health record portal challenge, with the designs in turn expected to inform the PHR that NYeC will offer all New Yorkers in 2014.

A Brooklyn-based health data and design startup called Mana Health won first prize and $15,000 for it’s PHR, followed by the NYC software company Applied Informatics’ iHealthNY PHR (awarded $7,500) and the Clifton, N.J.-based public health software company RDE Systems’ MyHealthProfile (awarded $2,500).

ManaHealth PHR’s main dashboard features four tabs on the left side of the screen that control the main page. One tab for vitals can show, among other health data, heart rate, blood type, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose. Another tab lets patients manage information sharing consents with different providers, another shows a provider access timeline and another facilitates secure patient-doctor email.

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The iHealthNY and MyHealthProfile PHRs feature similar functions, in formats for both mobile and standard computer screens.