Project aims to engage high-risk patients in city of brotherly love

EveryBoDy Get Healthy has a game-like interface, but seeks serious health improvement.

At core of ‘EverBODY Get Healthy’ is its IT

PHILADELPHIA – The rewards, the point systems, the streamlined functionality… don’t be misled by the game-like structure of the “EveryBODY Get Healthy” care system. The platform is a lifestyle changer – specifically, one that’s expected to improve more than 120,000 lives in the greater Philadelphia area.

Portland, Ore.-based Finity Communications will be integrating the system using a $4.9 million grant from the department of Health and Human Services to catalyze a major health effort in the high-risk demographic of the Philadelphia area. The award was one of HHS’s 26 innovation grants announced on May 8.

The project is expected to save nearly twice its original price tag through enhanced care: $8.7 million over the next three years. The project will also generate 12 new healthcare jobs and train an estimated 13 healthcare workers.

The crux of the project is its IT, said Finity vice president and CIO Justin McCormick. The EveryBODY Get Healthy system technology will generate individualized patient portals for at-risk Philadelphians. Through the portal, providers will be able to monitor and track patient progress, create care management plans, and continually analyze treatment progress.

The program pairs Finity’s communication platform with the technology of Farmington, Conn.-based SCIOinspire, the nation’s leading claims-analytics company. “Combining the front-end communications platform with the claims analytics engine in a closed-loop technology system allows for pre-populated assessment, medical alerts, real-time metrics, dynamically generated mobile and web messaging and automated behavior-based system evolution,” said McCormick.

“Finity is the architect, the platform provider, and the wellness and disease management program provider… SCIOinspire will provide results-driven care analytics and ROI tracking,” said Finity’s director of health and wellness Alexandra MacDonald.

On the provider side, this sort of combination generates the necessary tools for increasing care quality and decreasing costs, said Finity President and CEO Deborah Stewart.

But EveryBODY Get Healthy’s toolbox extends to the patient side as well; “We’re hoping, by using complete new engagement methodologies, completely new technologies and completely new programs that are really targeted to understand this demographic, to speak in their language,” she said.

The project will target low-income, high-risk patients, said Finity’s creative director Devin Paladeni; interacting with and motivating these individuals on a patient level has been challenging in the past.

“Imagine being an 18 year-old girl with two children and living on an income of $9,000 or less – how do you motivate and change the behavior of that population?” asked Stewart.