Product Spotlight: Emergency Department

ED looks for ROI in IT

Everything is more intense in the hospital’s emergency department, and budget constraints are no exception. Adoption of IT products in the ED largely depends on whether the result can justify the costs. The recession isn’t doing any favors to the ED product market, according to Christine Chang, a Datamonitor analyst on healthcare and vertical markets technology. “Overall, we’re looking at an increase focus on cost, particularly in this economy,” she said. “The ED brings in business, but there are a lot of losses in the ED, too.” Healthcare IT products often fail if they take too much time to implement, she noted “In the ED, there is no time. Everything is magnified. I’ve gone to some EDs here in New York, and they’ll say, ‘we have this wristband barcode system, but we never use it,’” said Chang.

“(An ED-based product) has to be easy to use and fast, and you need to be able to get the information immediately,” Chang added.

Shannon Moore, RN, uses LOGICARE’s OnRecord EDIS at Conway Regional Medical Center in Conway, Ark.

Datamonitor Analyst Christine Chang sees the following trends affecting the shape of the Emergency Department products market:


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