Product Spotlight: Emergency Department

By Chip Means
04:22 PM

ED looks for ROI in IT

Everything is more intense in the hospital’s emergency department, and budget constraints are no exception. Adoption of IT products in the ED largely depends on whether the result can justify the costs. The recession isn’t doing any favors to the ED product market, according to Christine Chang, a Datamonitor analyst on healthcare and vertical markets technology. “Overall, we’re looking at an increase focus on cost, particularly in this economy,” she said. “The ED brings in business, but there are a lot of losses in the ED, too.” Healthcare IT products often fail if they take too much time to implement, she noted “In the ED, there is no time. Everything is magnified. I’ve gone to some EDs here in New York, and they’ll say, ‘we have this wristband barcode system, but we never use it,’” said Chang.
“(An ED-based product) has to be easy to use and fast, and you need to be able to get the information immediately,” Chang added.

Shannon Moore, RN, uses LOGICARE’s OnRecord EDIS at Conway Regional Medical Center in Conway, Ark.
Datamonitor Analyst Christine Chang sees the following trends affecting the shape of the Emergency Department products market:

1. INCENTIVES: Programs that encourage care quality, particularly pay-for-performance, typically rely on IT and are being driven by cost constraints in the ED.

2. GOVERNMENT: What is President Obama going to do? He’s spoken of putting more money into healthcare IT, which could greatly affect the ED’s budget.

3. EASE OF USE: Products that swim, rather than sink, in the vital testing ground of the hospital ED are those that can be adopted quickly and easily.

EDIS, kiosks dominate the market

Allscripts is the leader in helping Emergency Departments improve their bottom line by automating and streamlining the care process. Allscripts has over 35 years of ED experience, is used in over 3 million ED visits a year, and has a proven ROI track record in over 200 leading hospitals and health systems nationally.

Cerner FirstNet is an integrated and compliant emergency medicine solution that improves operational and clinical efficiencies while maximizing financial reimbursement.  Our solution has been designed for the Emergency Department by ED clinicians since 1999 and it is a complete integrated solution that automates your workflow from registration to discharge to billing.

Sunrise Emergency CareT is a comprehensive ED information system that improves throughput and clinical and financial outcomes. Featuring an interactive Tracking Board to help clinicians prioritize care, the system leverages the enterprise database, rules engine, and electronic medical record (EMR) in Sunrise EnterpriseT for timely, informed and coordinated patient care.

Designed by clinicians, MEDHOST’s touch-screen technology helps clinicians efficiently document care creating a safer and more productive ED.  MEDHOST delivers regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, automatic alerts, interactive medication reconciliation and increased revenue due to accurate charge capture.  MEDHOST also offers ED PASS, an emergency room kiosk that expedites patient check-in.

NCR MediKiosk enables emergency departments to streamline triage processes and expedite the delivery of care by automating patient check-in. Upon arrival, patients enter their name and an additional identifier in either English or Spanish, indicate areas where they feel pain and answer a brief questionnaire directly on the self-service kiosk.

Amalga brings together data stored in disparate systems, whether it’s past medical history, lab results or even images, to give emergency department clinicians a single view into a patient’s medical history.

LOGICARE’s OnRecord EDIS system is specifically designed for the Emergency Department. With OnRecord, caregivers can chart their work and quickly review the actions of others; send orders and get results electronically; perform medication reconciliation and receive decision support.

Wellsoft EDIS. 1st in KLAS 12 times. 08 CCHIT Certified solution. Fast, intuitive navigation. Features: triage, tracking, dashboard, documentation, coding/charge capture, DI, Rx, order entry/results, reports, image capture, Decision Support System, med reconciliation, dosing calculator, drug/allergy checking.

User Reviews

"One year after the implementation of the (Eclipsys) electronic system, Hurricane Katrina paid the Gulf Coast a visit. During the first week after the hurricane the ER physicians said they could not have done it without the computer and the Tracking Board."
Pam Shedd, clinical systems manager, Springhill Medical Center
"NCR MediKiosk has had a significant impact on the triage process at our medical center. With the previous paper-based process, some patients did not progress through triage in a timely manner."
Tomas Gregorio, vice president and CIO, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
"One huge benefit was that we were able to customize the Wellsoft system in house with our administrator and did not need the resources of our IT department or Wellsoft."
Gaye Werblin, director of patient access, CentraState Medical Center, Freehold, N.J.
"When we first started with OnRecord (from LOGICARE), we thought we’d wait awhile before doing critical cases, but we quickly decided we could do everything through OnRecord."
Beth Yandell, RN, emergency department director, Conway Regional Medical Center, Conway, Ark.