NYeC sponsoring patient portal design challenge

By Anthony Brino
01:35 PM

The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) and the technology group Health 2.0 are challenging developers to create prototypes for a statewide patient portal where New Yorkers can access their personal health records.

The Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge, open now through April 11, will offer up to $25,000 in prize money for the top patient portal interfaces, which will be voted on by New York residents.

IT engineers and vendors will be given dummy data to build and test their portals. After the contest, NYeC, a not-for-profit health information exchange organization, plans to work with a vendor to build the portal and run it on behalf of New York via its HIE.

“A portal of this size and scope has never before existed,” David Whitlinger, NYeC executive director, said in a media release. “Through our Design Challenge, we hope to inspire applicants to develop truly creative and user-friendly applications.”

As part of the challenge, the patient portals have to include features allowing patients to log on with a username and password and be able to see their health records and have a list of providers that have access to them.

Whitlinger, formerly the director of healthcare device standards and interoperability for the Intel Corporation, said that the patient portal will also provide patients with an overview of patient privacy rights and health IT.

The NYeC patient portal is one of several developer challenges stemming from public and private efforts to create and ecosystem of collaboration, like the Blue Button Mash Up and the IHE Connectathon.

Federal health officials and others see patient portals as integral to building patient engagement, with portals being a stage 2 meaningful use requirement.

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