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SATO brings new mobile printer to market

CHARLOTTE, NC – SATO America, which calls itself a leader in barcode printing, labeling and EPC/RFID solutions introduced a new mobile printer, the MB200i. The MB200i is designed to speed up the mobile printing market by delivering higher performance, durability, and mobility. 

With a high-speed, 32-bit CPU for high throughput printing speeds of up to 4 inches per second, the MB200i is the fastest in its class, according to SATO officials.

It has a  maximum roll diameter of 2.6 inches, which allows for less roll changes and less downtime, an outer construction made of polycarbonate and a shock-absorbing mechanism to withstand heavy impact for added durability, as well as a smooth-edged, ergonomically modular design that fits snugly in a user’s hand.

The onboard mobile processor automatically reduces power consumption by shutting down any unneeded or idle on-chip circuitry and doubling operation time per battery charge as compared to some competitive models.

Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless Ethernet connectivity are also available as optional, factory-installed interface modules. The Wireless Ethernet module is compliant with IEEE802.11b standards.

Also, there is support for 64/128bit WEP and WPA (WPA-PSK) data encryption. The MB200i wireless module is equipped with an LCD screen to enable easy monitoring of the wireless network signal strength and printer operation status.

Enclarity offers new NPI software

ALISO VIEJO, CA – Healthcare providers face a national mandate to adopt one National Provider Identifier (NPI) for each healthcare provider. To help providers comply with NPI requirements and avoid potential problems, Enclarity, Inc., an information management and analytic software company focused on the healthcare market, has introduced NPI Enabler software.

NPI is a standard unique health identifier for healthcare providers. It replaces the use of legacy provider identification numbers. The 10-digit identifiers, mandated by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) beginning May 23, 2007, are intended to simplify communication and administration between providers and health plans.

“The impending NPI requirement will be a huge problem for healthcare organizations whose legacy systems lack accurate and complete provider data,” said Sean Downs, Enclarity’s president and CEO. “Unless they act now to fix this problem and prepare for NPI, compliance issues will become expensive in both money and time.”

Enclarity NPI Enabler dramatically simplifies the complexities of integrating NPI into healthcare organizations’ legacy systems,” he said.  The software brings Enclarity’s sophisticated provider matching algorithms information management techniques.

MedMatics offers new lab interface

NEW WINDSOR, NY – MedMatics, LLC released its Reference Lab Interface (RLI)(C) for SRS Software. The technology will enable patient reference lab results to be directly posted in real-time into SRS Freedom Chart Manager, producing an HTML form in the patient’s chart/tab, while automatically messaging the ordering physician.

Physicians can review and sign-off digitally, as well as route the message for follow-up processing dependent upon office workflow. They also can graphically trend critical result values over time to ensure treatment and medications are having their desired effect.
The new technology interfaces with reference laboratories transmitting HL7 data to the practice via a secure network connection. RLI supports all versions of HL7 and all labs able to send results data in this format.

MedMatics RLI process continually polls for lab results and automatically processes the data to both the patient's chart/tab as well as messaging the physician or designated staff member.

Digital Healthcare debuts new OcuLab version

BALTIMORE – Digital Healthcare Inc, the Baltimore-based clinical imaging and workflow management company today announced the availability of its latest version of OcuLab iP for clinical ophthalmology.

The new OcuLab system features a wide range of improvements, company officials said,  including a new interface to OCT instruments with the XML export function enabled, new high resolution digital CCD cameras for improved imaging on fundus cameras, improved patient management workflow modules, patient appointment tracking and enhanced image processing and analysis functions.

The company also announced the availability of its Web based ophthalmology viewer that allows images and patient historical data to be viewed over a web portal from home or remote locations.

The iP system is a rapid applications development platform built on the highly acclaimed Microsoft .NET framework.

The system is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) where the individual services are connected using a programmable workflow engine. In this way it becomes possible to develop complex applications that involve high performance imaging.

McKesson delivers InterQual 2006

NEWTON, MA – McKesson Corp. released the latest version of InterQual, evidence-based criteria. It marks the company’s 30th year of providing clinical content to help organizations manage healthcare quality and utilization.

In conjunction with InterQual 2006, McKesson is also releasing version 5.0 of CareEnhance Review Manager, the workflow software for InterQual clinical content. The latest version of InterQual updates numerous criteria sets and adds new subsets in several areas, including behavioral health, procedures, acute adult care and pediatric care.

"For three decades, our clinical criteria have helped healthcare organizations ensure appropriate care," said Ricardo Guggenheim, MD, vice president, clinical development and design, McKesson Health Solutions. "We continue to advance the state of the art in evidence-based medicine by embedding that ever-expanding criteria set into our care management workflow software. Integrated workflow capability is increasingly important to our customers, and the enhancements to our software tools announced today reflect our commitment to meeting that need."

Enkata provides new vertical depth with Version 6

SAN MATEO, CA – Enkata, a provider of operational performance management solutions, launched Enkata 6.

Enkata’s OPM solutions integrate and analyze front- and back-office customer lifecycle data to reduce operational costs while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction.

Enkata 6 features even greater vertical-industry depth, including a complete suite of applications specifically tailored for financial services, and a new module that helps health insurers overcome the operational challenges presented by consumer-directed healthcare (CDHC) plans. The new release also improves on Enkata’s usability throughout the organization.

It includes increased scalability and security enhancements, advanced collaboration and initiatives management functionality and improved role-based reports, dashboards and analytics.

Kodak introduces imaging products

ROCHESTER, NY – Kodak’s newest version of PACS software features integrated cardiac review and analysis, cardiac cage removal in 3D imaging and cardiac calcium scoring functionality for the review of cardiac CT exams.

Kodak also announced the new user-centric capabilities of its
PACS: display protocols, menus and tools are now tied to the user and not a workstation. This reduces licensing expenses and provides vastly improved flexibility for users who no longer need to use a specific workstation and location to access tools required to perform desired tasks.
On the RIS side, Kodak highlights what it calls “exceptional utilization reporting” that allows facilities to closely examine workflow to determine when equipment and personnel are under- or over-used-and make more accurate purchasing decisions for new equipment.
Patient scheduling is improved with color-coded indicators that spotlight bottlenecks and eliminate patient wait times.

Kodak debuted new CR software that offers enhanced security and virus intrusion prevention through use of Cisco Security Agents CSA offers significant advantages over anti-virus software, which can significantly degrade the performance of medical imaging systems and requires frequent updates.

The new software for 850/950/975 platforms also enhances administrative analysis and reporting.

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