New imaging technologies at base hospital in San Jose do Rio Preto

By Daniela Chueke
03:02 PM

A world leader in diagnostic imaging supplies and IT solutions for healthcare, Agfa HealthCare has found another partner in the city of Sao José do Rio Preto; the Base Hospital.

The company will provide RIS/PACS solutions for the hospital, which is considered a leading model medical establishment in Brazil, with around 720 beds.

With the implementation to begin this month, the professionals at Base Hospital will be able to access the most modern solutions in Medical Imaging management – RIS/PACS – which will optimize their work-flow from radiology in a comprehensive manner. The population the hospital serves will experience the difference in terms of the delivery time for test results as well as guaranteed storage of the history of these tests in digital format. The material can be accessed at any time to facilitate the comparative health record after treatment.

Miguel Reyes, IT Sales Manager at Agfa HealthCare, says that the project is of fundamental importance to the company. “As well as the fact that the Base Hospital is a leading Brazilian medical institution, the project seeks to consolidate our presence in the state of Sao Paolo with RIS/PACS solutions.”

Administered by the Fundación Facultad Regional de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto (Regional Medical Faculty Foundation of Sao José do Rio Preto), the hospital serves 101 municipalities where the majority have a million and a half inhabitants. The 4090 professionals who work there handle over 46,000 visits and carry out 2250 surgical procedures per month. The Base Hospital is also a leader in highly complex specialized tests such as angiographs, ateriographs, computerized tomographs, bone density testing and electro-neuro myographs.

This story originally appeared at E-Health Reporter Latin America.