NASCIO releases profiles of state health IT initiatives

By Dibya Sarkar
12:00 AM

"Profiles of Progress: State Health IT Initiatives"

Arizona's chief information officer is co-chairing a committee overseeing the development and implementation of a long-term plan for a health data information system.

In Indiana, a nonprofit venture has taken the reins of a technology-based health information exchange project with little involvement from the state CIO's office.

However, in Vermont, the state's CIO sits on a nonprofit board pursuing development of a health information-sharing system there.

The health information technology initiatives in these states and others have been outlined in a new compendium released today by the National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO).

"This compendium reflects the growing interest of states in the use of information technology to improve patient care and reduce costs in state budgets," Wyoming CIO Larry Biggio, who also heads NASCIO's Health IT Committee, said in a press release.

The compendium " titled "Profiles in Progress: State Health IT Initiatives" " sketches the progress in health IT implementation in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. It includes relevant information such as a Web site of the group or initiative directly involved in health IT, the governing authority, source of the authority, state government involvement, demonstration or operational projects, and whether the CIO plays a role in any initiative and what that role might entail.

"State governments play a critical role in managing health IT initiatives on behalf of their citizens," said Doug Robinson, executive director of NASCIO. "While the role state CIOs play in health IT varies widely from state to state, it is clear that as states progress further in health IT implementation, state CIO involvement will continue to increase."

The compendium does not outline all health IT efforts in every state but those which state governments have either initiated or endorsed through executive orders, laws or collaboration with outside organizations.