MGMA: 11 ways to prepare for ICD-10 on the cheap

Think the transition to ICD-10 is just learning a bunch (a real big bunch) of new codes? Think again, Robert Tennant  urged Monday during MGMA-ACMPE’s annual conference in San Antonio, where he laid out how physician practices could prepare on the cheap.

Tennant, senior policy adviser in MGMA’s government affairs department. called switching to ICD-10 codes "probably the biggest change in healthcare since Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare into law in the 60s,” 

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“It’s going to impact every system, almost every employee within your practice – maybe not the custodial staff, but just about everybody else," he said. “This is not just an IT project,” he said. “This is going to permeate every nook and cranny of the practice.”

What should practices do right now? If you can avoid it, don’t spend any money right now, Tennant said, because there are things practices can do, at least over the short term, to move forward with the transition, without spending big bucks.

How do practices prepare for ICD-10 without spending money? Some of Tennant’s suggestions are:

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