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Motion computing offers new tablet PC

AUSTIN, TX – The Motion M1400 Tablet PC, introduced by Motion Computing, is a next-generation slate PC. The tablet is optimized for the anywhere, anytime computing needs of healthcare professionals, Motion Computing executives say.It is the third generation of slate tablet PC design used in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

The Motion M1400, which uses the Intel Pentium M1.1GHz ultra-low voltage processor, is based on Intel Centrino mobile technology and runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition to help improve viewing, audio, wireless connectivity, security and power management.

Each system is equipped with high-speed wireless connectivity using integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 BG 802.11 card.

Other features include the Intel 855GME Chipset, 256MB to 3GB of 333MHz DDR memory, an enhanced 12.1-inch display, hard drive options of up to 60 GB, integrated Bluetooth, integrated Ethernet, built in fingerprint reader, USB mobile keyboard, desktop stand and hard top cover.

Weighing about three pounds, the clipboard-sized M1400 is priced at $1,999, and it is available now.

It comes with a standard one-year limited warranty that is extendable to two or three years. The new tablet is compatible with Motion's M1200 and M1300 accessories.

Motion apparently is making its new offering at the right time.

IDC anticipates tablet PC shipments will more than double this year, driven largely by the highly mobile vertical markets that Motion Computing serves.

CareFusion rolls out bar-code technology

MCLEAN, VA. – CareFusion has developed a hand-held barcode solution to help reduce medical errors related to specimen collection.

Wireless CareCollect enables healthcare providers to scan a patient's barcode wristband to positively identify the patient, verify orders, and print a time-stamped bar code label for any specimen being collected.

Because the system is wireless, the care provider has up-to-the-moment patient information to ensure that the right specimens are being drawn from the right patient for the right tests, no matter when the schedule changed. wCareCollect is part of a full suite of six wireless, mobile barcode-enabled technology solutions.

Other products include wCare Med, wBloodcare, wCareAssist, which records vital signs and patient care information; wCareView, which consolidates patient data; and wCareCapture for point-of-care billing for supplies and inventory control.

eClinicalWorks V. 6 supports open standards

WESTBORO, MA – eClinicalWorks, which provides integrated end-to-end ambulatory electronic medical records and practice management systems for multi-location, multi-specialty medical practices, has launched a set of new and enhanced features in Version 6.0.

The new version offers support for open standards such as Linux, while also introducing Microsoft's Digital Ink capability, speech technology integration with eClinicalWorks Speech and enhancements to its bi-directional integration with LabCorp and Quest.

eClinicalWorks Front Office manages the patient from check-in through check-out, enabling practices to manage patient flow to ensure the most service in the least amount of time.

eClinicalWorks EMR lets practices access patient records immediately, even using hand-held devices and Tablet PCs. eClinicianWorks PM streamlines the entire billing process.

Handheld Yellowjacket ready for market


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