Top 5 videos from HIMSS17

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Top 5 videos from HIMSS17

Linguamatics, Varian Medical Systems join natural language processing and analytics

Varian will use the Linguamatics Health platform to extract unstructured concepts from within pathology reports and convert them to discrete data for analytics within Varian 360 Oncology.
By Bill Siwicki
09:18 AM

Clinical natural language processing vendor Linguamatics and Varian Medical Systems announced at HIMSS17 that Varian will use Linguamatics’ natural language processing technology as part of the data analytics within Varian’s 360 Oncology care management platform.

Varian 360 Oncology care management software is designed to help oncology care management for hospitals and cancer centers. It’s capable of tracking physician and cancer specialist referrals; integrating evidence, outcomes data, guidelines and care pathways; and coordinating data from multiple sites and settings including patients and external caregivers, the vendor explained.

Varian will use the Linguamatics Health platform, powered by Linguamatics I2E text mining technology, to extract unstructured concepts from within pathology reports and convert them to discrete data elements for analytics reporting within Varian 360 Oncology, Varian said.

“The use of natural language processing to extract key clinical concepts from patient documentation such as pathology, radiology and progress notes, provides oncology specialists with a more comprehensive view of their patients’ conditions and facilitates the creation of care management plans that are more precisely tailored to each individual patient based on their health status,” said Rachan Rao, director of software support services at Varian Medical Systems.

Varian has a history of delivering innovative cancer-fighting technology and is dedicated to its goal of realizing a world without the fear of cancer, said Simon Beaulah, senior director of healthcare at Linguamatics.

“Like Varian, Linguamatics is committed to leveraging clinical information so that care is improved for every patient to achieve optimal outcomes,” Beaulah added.


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